My parents moved me to another international school
after I finished 3rd grade. It was in the school playground on the
last day of school when I was told this. This devastated me because I truly
loved my friends and the community at KIS. However, it was up to my parents to
decide where to send me because I was too young to decide for myself. They sent
me to a school called Seoul Foreign School (SFS), which I attended for 9 years
and graduated high school from. My parents decided to send me to SFS because it
had a long history of 107 years and was the 7th oldest international
school in the world. Also, the school was known to be most Americanized in
comparison to all the other international schools in South Korea. SFS was most
likely urban intensive as it was located in a big city (Milner 560). However,
SFS did not encounter challenges with resources and equipment like urban
schools. It was a rich private school where students from very good backgrounds
attended. For instance, one of my friends was a diplomat’s daughter. In
addition to this, granddaughters and grandsons of big companies such as
Hyundai, Samsung, and LG attended my school. Therefore, my school put a lot of
efforts in providing the students with the best resources. SFS formed a healthy
community for me to learn. It employed high quality teachers who at least had
10 years of teaching experience outside of South Korea. Unlike the teachers in
urban schools that don’t expect much and tend to pity the students who fall
behind, my teachers supported and motivated us to challenge ourselves
(Ladson-Billings 319). For instance, teachers offered us after school help and
made it a natural and comfortable thing for us to stay after to ask for help.

This also helped me to create a strong bond with my teachers.

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