House It was nearing the end of fall and was starting to get, “a bit chilly out,” as my mom use to put it years back in San Diego, California. I think I was about five years old or so at the time because I clearly remember not being in school yet. Most of my days I would basically watch a lot of television, color, play with some G. L. Joes, or head to the neighborhood park at the end of my block. One day after watching the early morning cartoons, I decided to set out for an adventurous day with my friends, Many and his two younger cousins.

As we were aligning down to the park. One of Nanny’s cousins spotted three extremely large boxes lying on the curb In front of a house. Unfortunately, this was before my school years so I was unable to read the words on the boxes, but they were definitely large enough to fit my dad In a few times. There were four of us so we all assembled a game plan to carry the boxes up to the park with us to play with. We instantly started crawling through the boxes and stacking them, basically anything we could think of at the spur of the moment.

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Many then suggested that we all build a tree house. We then dragged the boxes around he back of the park where there was a small wooded area where we could be alone and away from everyone else. We all came to the conclusion that we needed some supplies, so we all went home to hunt for the best tree house building equipment we could find. It is amazing how a few boxes could keep a kid busy. By the time we got back to the park we had a decent pile of things to work with. We had some scissors, glue, good old duct tape, and a mission.

One of us obviously forgot to bring a ladder along, so putting the large boxes Into the tree was no longer an option for us. That did not stop us; we all ended up roping the boxes around the tallest tree, looking like small baby faced men trying to build an ugly shed together. Many and I began cutting some walls of one of the big boxes to create door ways and windows, while Mavens cousins started taping the boxes to the tree. When I think back it almost resembled the pentagon if it were cut in half. Now, things began to look good.

Eventually, after some hard work we declared the so called tree house finished. We then sprawled inside where our imaginations ran wild. We would pretend it was a spaceship where we would fight off enemy aliens, knights protecting there king and castle, to police officers chasing and booking the bad guys. It was awesome. Everyday was something new, must have been the scent of freshly cut cardboard but our imaginations kept us busy. In a sense, the tree house was Like a time machine, something that could take us wherever we wanted to go.

Not to long after we built the tree house, my mom came up to me with the worst news. Seen toll me we were moving away Decease Seen was getting a new Jon. I Nils happened a lot growing up but this time I had some cool friends and a newly built tree house to leave behind. Hearing her say that crushed me instantly, where I soon began to cry. I then ran out of our house as fast as I could, heading to my beloved sanctuary. I went there everyday until the dreaded move, trying to escape in my time machine.

The big move came quickly and through tear-filled eyes I watched the tree house out of the back of our U-Haul truck until it was no longer there. Although I grew up mostly in Texas, I secretly promised I would go back to my tree house. I held on to that memory for a long time being that it is really one of the first memories of happiness I have and probably the reason why I do not hold things for granted. To this day I still have not gone back, but I do wonder if it is still there.