of Learner: Kara Cruz Sto. Tomas

of submission: 29th January 2018

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DTCH 1.1A Communication



This report talks about the cultural attitudes,
beliefs, experiences, practices and values of Japanese people in comparison to Filipino
culture. It talks about the Japanese in a general aspect, and its aim is to
differentiate the two to give better grasp of each.

Included in this report are a few of the popular
traditions of the Japanese which will be compared and contrasted to that of the
Filipino culture to site similarities and differences.


Japanese and their Culture

Japanese people are regarded as one of the most
socially and ethnically homogenous groups in the world. Very well known to be
people of respect, they are kind and formal. They are clean and organized
especially when it comes to their personal belongings, and are typically
hardworking individuals.

When visiting a Japanese household, one must bear in
mind that it is considered sacred to present a gift to the host and that the
gift should be given when you are just about to leave. It is to show that you
have appreciated the hospitality of your host. It is also customary to remove
your outdoor shoes as house slippers will be used within the house to prevent
the house from getting dirty.  




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