Write a narrative essay on one of the following topics suggested. You may have a topic of your own, but make sure that it makes a good topic for a narrative essay. Besides, give a title to your essay. 1. Write about an important event or experience in your life. Describe the event, and explain why it was important and how it changed you. 2. Tell a story about a person who is important to you. Write about the unusual or exciting experience you had with this person, and how he or she has influenced you. 3. Write about a difficult job you have had or task you have done. 4.

Tell a story about a mistake you made that taught you an important lesson. 5. Think back to your childhood and a time when you were punished for doing something wrong. Write a narrative about that event, including what you did, who you were with, and how you were punished. 6. Write about an important event in history from the point of view of someone who lived at that time. Use the following checklist to revise your essay. REVISING CHECKLIST Put a check (? )as appropriate. ? 1. Does the introduction include a hook to get the reader’s attention and provide background information? 2. Does the introduction have a thesis statement that prepares the reader for the action or event that follows? ? 3. Do the body paragraphs offer details that bring the story to life? ? 4. Does each of the body paragraphs end with a transitional sentence that provides a link to the action of the next paragraph? ? 5. Does the essay use connectors and time relationship words to show how events progress? ? 6. Does the conclusion explain the outcome, or what you learned from the experience or event?

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