Although, almost everyone ill be Judge like this daily by people they encounter throughout the day. It’s amazing how more times than not, it is a negative Judging and not something positive about a person. Everyone should remember the old proverbial saying, never Judge a book by its cover, never judge another person by their appearance. Because it isn’t a reliable criterion for assessing the quality of a person’s character that lies within them. Unfortunately, everyday people are wrongly Judged because they are Judged by the first Impression someone has formed based on their appearance.

One way hat a person will make an assumptions or perception about another person Is based solely on the type of clothes they wear and how they look wearing them. No matter what some people say, people are judged by the way they appear and by the clothes that they wear. In other words, the clothes someone wears will either be perceived in a positive way or in a negative way and assumes that they know the person. For instance, a woman goes on a job interview wearing inappropriate and ill-fitting attire will not get the Job because how a person dresses makes a powerful statement about hem which may not be accurate.

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The opinion people might form about the woman is one who doesn’t respect herself, places no value on her appearance, or that she doesn’t care about the Impact her appearance has on her life. Which may not be true assumption about the woman going on the Job Interview because she might have lost quite a bit of weight, maybe due to an Illness, maybe not. But as a result, the woman no longer has clothes that fit her properly and might not know anyone that she could borrow clothes from to wear to the interview.

She really needs a job so she went to the interview in the only clothes she had to wear. Whether in a good way or a bad way, people are judged solely based upon their looks which leads to a form of prejudice and often leads to discrimination. Unfortunately, the society we live in often rewards people of superior physical attractiveness, and discriminates against those who may not be as pleasing to the eyes. People that appear flawless, beautiful, and attractive to society might gain unfair and undeserving advantages in life.

Such as, has there ever been an unattractive or ugly Miss America? That would be a no! In other words, society has said In order to be Miss America, you must be beautiful, thus discriminating against those not beautiful which shows another example of how today’s society treats unattractive people. Although we expect to be treated equally, which Is not always the case because people that are beautiful or gorgeous might advance further and faster in their careers. But this may not always De Dates on teen Tact teen are superior In tenet Sods, out In Tact exclusively on tenet kooks.

Although, this is unfair to others who may physically as other candidates for promotion. Furthermore, the perception that a person assumes about another person based on appearance is unfair because a person true nature and personality can’t be recognize as quickly and people will need time to get to know each other. In today’s society, most people in today’s society Judge a book by the cover and when that happens to me I always get the worst description. For instance, people see my bas teeth and assumes I’m a drug head, which is very frustrating to me because I not use drugs and never have.

Furthermore, I am supposed to take MGM of Lysine daily which is to help prevent getting fever blisters as much as I get them and this is caused because my body doesn’t product the amino acid needed to keep from getting fever blisters. Knowingly, that I need to take the Lysine pill so I won’t get fever blisters as often and still can’t seem to make myself take the pill each day. For which, I Just am not the type of person who likes to take a lot of pills. Some people have even gone so far to ask me for drugs.

Although, the hardest part about my teeth being bad is when I go apply for a Job, which seems to hurt me in getting some of the jobs that I have interviewed for this past year. Socioeconomic status has been shown to be a variable indicative of whether people will Judge other people’s actions on the basis of the situation or the individual themselves. Whether you want to admit it or not, you make Judgments on appearance too. Everyone does. It’s a human trait and nothing to be shamed about. It’s how our mind anticipates situations.

And our loathes communicate a lot about ourselves, whether we like it or not. Just like body language, voice tone is made employing factors. Such as a person’s body language, voice, clothing, appearance, and social category Well, this is what I have found from my experience. When we meet someone, we observe the way they are dressed, the way they talk, walk, and what not. And with this observation we make a Judgment about the person, whether it is right or wrong. People make Judgments about someone based on what they wear and what they don’t.

People will assume that a person is wealthy or well off and educated because they are dressed in designer clothes, shoes, salon style haircut, professional manicure nails, drive an expensive vehicle, and very well spoken. There is obviously something wrong with this assumption, which can be misleading because even though a person has the best and most expensive of everything does not mean they are wealthy or well off. For example, they could get designer clothes on clearance or buy them from a consignment shop, or be in debt up to their eye balls.

Whereas, people will assume that a person is poor and uneducated if they don’t wear designer outfits, wear cheap or inexpensive clothes, have a plain haircut, UN-manicure nails, and not an articulate speaker. First off, it is really hard to completely understand a person from Justas few minutes of acquaintance. Secondly, to Judge a person from his/her external appearances could be totally misleading. Many a times, I have found that, people perceive an introvert as arrogant, and a person who sweet-talks is considered extremely friendly and a “good” person.

For instance, how in the world would I know the difference between a conman and a genuine gentleman, assuming they both are dressed well? On the contrary, it is quite possible that I might mistake one for the toner, Decease teen conman inlet De skilled at pretending to De someone won en Is not, and the gentleman might be aggressive-to-look-at but actually could be warmth- personified. Although, this is a hypothetical situation, I am sure many of us would have come across such situations in real life, where we mistake a person’s character from their appearances.

I wonder how many relationships could have been saved, how many farce relationships unshackled, how many business deals might have been clinched, how many frauds could have been averted, if we were never equipped with this human-instinct of Judging people from appearances! And if a person never had the ability to Judge another person by their appearance, what could have been the pros and the cons. I have a feeling the pros would outweigh the cons. Well, the saving grace is that to Judge or not to Judge is still a decision that I can make. Thank God for that!