I woke up and watched Arthur over a bowl of crisp Fruit Loops,brushed my teeth with that sweet dentist assigned tooth paste , and clobbered my face with Baseline. Doing my usual routine day after day never got old; however I mastered it to perfection. Morning was my favorite part of the day, the silence was beautiful. Once I was ready I would get a kiss on the cheek and be on my way. On the way to the bus stop I would always meet up with my best friend Karl. Most of the kids In my inebriation would walk to the bus stop alone which would give us enough time to catch up.

Although some would consider it dangerous we would all stick together. I always sat beside a kid who usually never talked. All the kids on the bus would yell chants in unison to pips off the bus driver, chants like “move that bus” and of course I would chant along. What kid wouldn’t? The bus driver Paul, would eventually stop the bus and threaten to throw us out; however, we will resume are chants once he sat behind the wheel again. When I came home I would beg my mom to play outside. Once I was granted my wish old head straight to the basketball court which was five minutes from my house.

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Filled with kids, teens, and adults. There was a lot of pressure to go places that my mom didn’t allow me to go. I tried my best to give my friends an excuse that would let me off the hook without seeming that I didn’t want to go. My friend eventually found out and gave me an ultimatum; continue being friends with then or to leave. Part of me wanted to go with them and have a short time of glory. The other part of me was thinking about the repercussions that would arise from this debacle. After all we ere supposed to egg some houses at the Juvenile age of eleven.

I was in a dilemma, thinking about all excuses that were in the book. It was too much of a hassle for me so I decided to leave them and head on home. Needless to say I wasn’t there friend anymore, I made new friends with a couple of new kinds to the school who shared the same common interests; however, they weren’t delinquents Like my old friends. In today’s society kids seem to have a lot more to stress about then they should. Friends can make you feel so pressured into doing something, you feel you have no hooch but to go with the flow.

After all, who wants to be called “chicken”? Life is about making decisions and each decision you make will lead you down a different direction. Studies show also that high school students spend more time with their peers than with parents or other influential adults. Teens who acquire delinquent friends lock themselves away from good or straight kids and opt to belong to their own kind. As life moves, you’ll be faced with some challenging decisions. Some don’t have a clear right or wrong answer.

The best answer is the answer you pick, what you think Is right and will benefit you. Making decisions on your own Is hard enough, but when other people get Involved and try to pressure you one way or another It can be even nearer. Some Solos give In to peer pressure Decease teeny want to De kea, or because they worry that other kids may make fun of them if they don’t go along with the group. The best way to cope with these problems is to cut all ties with these individuals and find friends that accept you for who you are.