National security is a pragmatic approach
ensuring the sense of peace and security in the society. The security patterns of any country are important
because they secure one’s nationhood and prepare the nation to face external
ravels, international actors and regional fellows while securing it’s own
interest and integrity. It is the profound sense of sovereignty, nationhood and
serenity which guarantees safety of oneself.  Whereas for Pakistan National security is and
has been a major concern since its being. Pakistan
is facing interlinked challenges both internal and external; igniting as a
prime threat to it’s sovereignty and security.  

                                                 As far
as internal challenges are concerned, internal issues consist of sectarianism,
religious extremism, fragile institutions, corrupt dignitaries, bad governance,
weak economy and many more. The main challenges to Pakistan’s security are
militancy and extremism. In the context of external threats the main treat to
Pakistan is the non-cooperative neighborhood. Moreover, the relations of
Pakistan with Afghanistan, India and Iran are creating hostility for Pakistan.
Adding icing on the cake is the threat of ‘War on Terror’: it has caused a
serious security threat for Pakistan. Hence it would not be wrong to say that
Pakistan has been yoked among international and regional hostile politics and

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                                                   The international pressures on Pakistan
start rising after 9/11 and afterwards Pakistan was highlighted and victimized as a
terrorist nation round the globe. As a consequence of that Pakistan is still facing
various kinds of threats; both traditional and non-traditional such as
extremism, sectarian violence, separatist movements, political and economic
instability, terrorism, and feudalism are the traditional internal threats
linked with external factors. These activities are actually externally
administered and directed but are veiled under the hue of sectarianism, civil
war, militancy and so on. Actually every small happening is to obscure the big
happening. Various security agencies like Black Water, CIA, Raw and many other of
different countries are trying their effort best to damage and harm the peace
of Pakistan. These agencies showcase the incidents as the problem and threat to
security rising from ‘Within’ but in actual these agencies are controlling such

Pakistan is blessed to have such an idealistic geo-strategic location
with bounteous of hidden resources and sea; but instead of enjoying the
differentiation Pakistan is being a puppet in the hands of others and everybody
wants to use it for their benefits. Pakistan is like an
international playground for the big powers and it lies as the central point
for all as being on crossroad, due to which the diplomatic conditions are at
stake all the time. America uses Pakistan against USSR in Afghanistan and left Pakistan
bare footed when her interests ended up, because she was having no bones to be
picked by Pakistan then. And then instead of
appraisal remark a remark given was of: ‘Do More’. Foreign players are
virtually a rider clause in each case.

Pakistan had a hard luck with the neighborhood as relationships of India
and Pakistan have never been harmonious and has caused a main threat to
national security. Hence so far India has fought three major fights on board
with Pakistan since 1947 but Kashmir has been a permanent bone of condemn among
two, which never allows a harmony among these two countries. India has attacked
many a times on Pakistan’s LOC’s and has left no stone unturned to shake our
national security, but yet it failed to get remarkable achievement. After the
BJP’s Government the situation has settled a bit but yet a cold war situation
is still there, and the two are playing chess game with one another. The last year visit of Obama to India and their
Nuclear Deal 2015 has shaken the regional security apparatus, posing another
Security threat to Pakistan’s National Security.

Looking into the countries internal security conditions and threats the
first point to ponder is its division of states and provinces. FATA is
strategically one of the most important parts of the country, where such
security breaching activities are happening daily and external agencies have
make it as a hub for them. As FATA is bordering with many LOC’s and also has a
separate form of government so it flourishes all types of terrorist agencies. These
terrorists are continuously challenging the internal security of the state. The
territorial integrity is being much affected. These agencies are jeopardizing
the security controls of the country, there are also proven evidences of the
foreign involvement in these activities. Domestic attacks in the country like
APS Peshawar attack and Bacha Khan University attack have caused a severe
unrest among public and raised hues and cries in the country causing serious
threat to National Security. 

Along with FATA, the terrorist activities in Baluchistan and North
Waziristan are major threats to Pakistan’s National Security. As
per the statement of foreign office these activities are directed by the
foreign players who are using our people against our people. The special
involvement of our eastern fellows was declared. Separatist movements in Baluchistan
and Sindh added by sectarian violence are incredible threats to Pakistan’s   National Security. Particularly, the
Sunni-Shia conflict has crossed the threshold and has set the metropolitan
cities on fire. Thus all the happenings were enwrapped in a slogan of religious
extremism, and again the main players were hidden. With no obscurity, it is the
most hazardous threat to Pakistan’s integrity after terrorism. In such situation controlling the national security
conditions has been a provoking challenge; countering the sensitivity of the
situation and controlling it the ex-army chief General Raheel Sharif with his
cabinet took the decision of doing operation to remove such militant groups and
terrorists, Operation Zarb-e-Azb and Operation Rad-ul-Fassad have
played a pivotal role in countering the terrorism and securing the rising civil
war condition.

       In Pakistan security situations have been like
a roller coaster ride always not so easy to tackle.
In Pakistani context, the serious national issues comprises of national
and international security threats. There is a widespread opinion that
currently the national security challenges to Pakistan primarily comes from