This tutorial Is to be used as a gulled with examples of what your instructor Is looking to see in your submission. Be sure work submitted is that of your own efforts to avoid copying the work provided in the tutorial. As this tutorial is likely to be pre-submitted, original work you should not re-submit as your own original work. Look for highlighted areas for needed corrections to dates, etc. * Checkpoint: The Nature-Nurture Issue Checkpoint: The Nature-Nurture Issue | 30. 0 | 30. | Comment: In answering this checkpoint, you could refer to the text example of a MUSM Lana playing music and the end product. The point is that the output requires full contribution of both nature (genetics) and nurture (various environmental Inputs). They are “Inexorably Intertwined. ” Moreover, you needed to point out that the study of nature and nurture is best for examining differences between individuals rather than the development of phenotypes within an individual.

You could mention how researches “hold constant” one variable to determine the influence of one or the other Again, you could refer to the various studies motioned in the book, such as those with twins. Overall, you did a nice Job In answering this checkpoint, I The concepts behind the nature versus nurture perspectives revolve around the Idea that human behavior can be linked to either nature, or Inherited factors, In comparison to the role of nurture, behavior learned through experience (Panel, 2007). John Watson, known to be the father of behaviorism, suggests behavior is not dependent upon nature at all.

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In fact, Watson went so far as to Imply a child born to a ruddier or prostitute has no predetermination of doom due to their genetic link to the parent. Instead Watson is emphatic that through the nurturing process the child has the potential to become a well-rounded, productive and successful member of society (Panel, 2007). The nature-nurture issue was eventually discarded and viewed to be irresolvable due to simple fact that behavior cannot be linked solely to either nature or nurture. Instead, behavior must be examined differently (Panel, 2007).

Surely there are genetic actors which may predispose an individual to certain personality traits or behavior patterns but this Is not the only deciding factor of behavior. For example: If I am the product of a father whose personality is highly dominant, hostile and high strung I may have a greater likelihood of developing the same traits. However, if nurture Intervenes, and I am subjected to a more pleasant, laid-back environment (perhaps through divorce, adoption, etc. ) then I might escape developing these traits or at least have their prominence reduced.

Because nurture can often overcome nature It becomes unreasonable to suggest behavior is linkable to one side or the other. Rather, the question becomes more complex as we must decipher how much a role nature and nurture has each played. In along tens we are netter apt to unreason Demeanor Territories among people. Furthermore, approaching behavior from both angles allows for better understanding or behavioral problems and how to treat these problems. References Panel, J. P. (2007). Basics of physiology. Boston: Pearson Education.