Discuss the challenges you predict you will face in the Pharmacy school and how you will overcome these challenges. Which drug is most effective for a given condition? In my chosen endeavor to pursue a degree in Pharmacy, it is certain that I will be facing numerous challenges. Perhaps most apparent of these is the adjustment that I would have to make, in regards to the different medical and pharmaceutical terminologies that are common in this field of expertise.

Likewise, I am expecting to encounter a certain level of difficulty in physiology, medicinal chemistry, and toxicology, as these are fields that I have yet to gain experience from. Lastly, I expect to encounter some challenges in getting accustomed to the chemical properties of certain medications, particularly in their characteristics when combined with other substances and the effects that it may cause to patients. Nonetheless, despite of these challenges, I am certain that I can surpass them.

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I am confident that I possess the appropriate intelligence and fortitude to be able to quickly assimilate with my new academic environment and be able to aim to excel in the shortest amount of time with the least supervision. Clearly, the challenges that I anticipate are all learnable information, thus, allocating the appropriate amount of time and perseverance will surely be beneficial to my cause. It is my belief that the most effective medication in any given situation is one that has been proven highly effective yet causes the least side effects for the patient’s health.

With this in mind, every medication that a Pharmacist must endorse should be approved by the proper health authorities and has passed the strictest of government standards. Only through this manner can a patient be self-assured that the medications that he bought from his Pharmacist are safe and of high quality. (275 words) Detail how your previous schooling has prepared you to the program at (name of the school). As I aspire to reach a higher level of education in the field of Pharmacy, I come to a realization at the excellence of my previous schooling at (NAME OF SCHOOL).

Here, I first learned my desire to be in the medical field, and have discovered my deep interest in the fields of Chemistry and Physics. It is most certain that from these interests that I have developed as a result of my former school’s high quality education, my dream of being a Pharmacist was conceptualized. My particular inclination in various sciences such as Chemistry and Physics has prepared me well for the challenges ahead. Compared with other subjects, these are the fields that have truly captured my interest, and had resulted in my aspiration to pursue a science-based career.

Of special mention is the field of Organic Chemistry, especially in the compounds and their intrinsic characteristics that enable them to be measured in terms of purity, such as in distillation, crystallization, and in chromatography techniques. I strongly believe that my special interests in these fields that my former school has awakened in me will serve to be advantageous in my pursuit of a degree in Pharmacy, especially since it is a science that deals mainly with the intrinsic characteristics of compounds that are used in manufacturing different medications.

Hence, my deeper understanding plus my inherent interest in Chemistry and Physics will be my advantage, primarily because I am already in possession of a deep understanding on the complexities of chemical compounds. The only intention left is to be able to these interests in the field where I can be most productive—in Pharmacological Sciences. (275 words) Additional information (academic, personal, application-related) that you think the Admission Committee should take into consideration while evaluating your application.

More than all of the accomplishments and interests, the true worth of my virtue can be based on my advocacy for the betterment of our communities. With this, I can confidently declare to having been directly participative of various events that promote this cause. I have been a consistent member of various volunteer organizations since 2007, and am possessing of the right set of principles that hold a passion for the betterment of the society.

I believe that this virtue is necessary for a Pharmacist, as this will allow for a sense of social responsibility to double check every conclusion, especially since the very lives of people rely on the accuracy and safety of the works performed by Pharmacists. Indeed, while it is advantageous to have a distinct passion for science, it also must co-exist with a personal advocacy for humanity. Based on my academic and volunteer experiences, I can say that not only do I possess the appropriate intelligence needed to complete this degree, but also of the maturity to realize that this profession is one of the most important aspects of health care.

It is truly of no coincidence that I chose to be in the field where my acquired skills and my compassion to people can be of most service and of utmost advantage. I am aware that Pharmacology is a life-long learning experience and that my passion for science will definitely be advantageous in my learning process. I only wish to be given the opportunity to reach for my goals, as this will not only be beneficial personally, but more importantly will allow me to be of service to the society. (275 words)