To throw a great party, you are going to need a few things. Also, it depend what type of party you want to throw. There is a birthday party, a surprise party, a welcome home party, and all kinds. But for any of these, you are going to need balloons what’s a party without balloons. Also, you need a place to throw it and food because people get hungry. And of course you need music so the people can get entertained.

The iris step is looking for a place to have the party. You can always have it at you’re house or the park is always fun. The next step is choosing the people that you want to come to the party. It’s usually family or close friends that you have that end up coming. Also, don’t forget to choose the music you are going to play. After that you get to set up by putting up balloons and other decorations. If it’s a birthday party, don’t forget the cake.

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And other food for the people, you can also rent one of those big bouncy houses for the kids because they get bored too. In conclusion, if you follow these easy steps, you won’t have any complaints from the people who came to the party. And that’s what I think that needs to be done to throw a great party. You need to keep the people happy if their happy then that means the party you had was great. And they would want to come to the next one you throw.