FILM TITLE: NEW BOY SHORTS INTERNTIONAL What was your opinion of the film? I think that the film was very well made representing many belonging conveyed through the aspects or social, cultural, historical and personal. Is this a good related text of belonging and why? This is a good related text of belonging because the main character, Joseph is moved into a new environment where he initially did not establish a sense of belonging.

The film shows flashback of the past of where he felt content and did feel a sense of belonging and showing how it contrasts with his current position, hence showing his sense of alienation. What is the main thing you remember? The main thing I remember from the film was the scene where he felt happiness with his father thus a sense of belonging. These scenes were constantly appearing showing the difference with how he feels in the new environment. What mood is established in the first 25 seconds of the film? * Soundtrack > Guitar

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The sound track of the music made by the guitar establishes a calm and bright mood. * Non-diegetic sounds; when you can’t see what’s playing > Children’s voices The non-diegetic sounds of the children’s voice in the background create an imagery of where the scene is set. How does the start impact upon your expectations of the film and what you expect this text to say about belonging? (People, places, things, groups; Personal, historical, social and cultural) The beginning of the film makes the audience expect the film to be a joyful and bright film and possibly has a strong sense of belonging.

What is the effect of the very shallow depth-of-field close up shot that opens the film? The shallow depth-of-field close up shot at the opening of the film of Joseph shows that the Joseph is distant from the class and cannot connect as the shot does not establish the people’s facials. Comment on his costume. Comment on his body posture. Comment on his facial expression. He is wearing a new uniform which shows that he has just entered the new environment.

His body posture is slouched representing that he is uncomfortable and his facial expressions are dull as he stares down which establishes a sense of unwillingness and unhappiness. Why does one student suggest that Joseph sit next to another child of African heritage? What does the girl’s reaction reveal about her experience with belonging? The student believes that the children of the same race should belong together hence being stereotypical. The girl’s reaction shows that she has been conformed and she doesn’t see herself as Joseph’s cultural peer because she has adapted to society.