He looks down field as his receivers run their routes. He finds an open man and threads a needle into his receiver’s hands. As he catches the ball the defender hits the receiver with head to head contact. Despite dropping the ball, the receiver sustained a concussion. Concussions happen every week in the NFG and need to be noted very carefully. The short and long term effects of multiple concussions can be devastating to the human mind.

Not only does the brain suffer long-term physical damage, players also suffer from long term mental problems. Therefore, the question becomes, Is the NFG doing enough to prevent players? Concussions are the leading cause of Injury In the NFG today. To Justify how serious concussions are, the NFG says they are doing everything the can to prevent concussions. Some question that this is part of the game and it will happen no matter what. Others question that this is not expectable and something has to be done.

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There are debates that players should have to retire after a certain amount of concussions, while the NFG believes that if the right procedures are taken that their shouldn’t be a restriction. As a regular viewer of ESP., I recently realized the amount of concussions being reported in the NFG. These alarming reports are very interesting to me because I’m an athlete who it concerns, but also, why is it Just now becoming a big deal. As I began to pay more attention to the reports, the more I wanted to learn about concussions in the NFG.

Lately, I have begun to question why this is happening to so many players, how it could be stopped, and why hasn’t the NFG front office put a stop to it? Researching this topic will hopefully bring closure to many football fans and myself as I seek answers to my questions. Going forward, I believe there are many questions that need to be answered. What are the current rules in the NFG on concussions? The NFG has rules on concussions such as a player cannot go back into game if he has showed any signs of a concussion.

Players also have to be tested by doctors following a concussion before returning to practice or a game. The league and the teams are enforcing these rules. The kicker though is that most concussions are not reported because the players have held or played down the effects of a concussion. By assimilate term mental problems. Therefore, the question becomes, is the NFG doing enough to Concussions are the leading cause of injury in the NFG today. To Justify how shouldn’t be a restriction. Have hid or played down the effects of a concussion.