Dominican girl, a rather quiet girl, never really had the best reputation when it came to her and the ways she would live her life. She wasn’t like the other local Dominican girls who weren’t aloud to leave their household. She was a free bird who chose to do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted and that’s basically how she has been portrayed throughout the story. There are two other mall characters In the story. They are both brother, Raff and Younger, Raff being the elder one. The story Is told by Younger In a manner that focuses entirely on the life of India.

At the end of the day, Younger makes the reader wonder about India, was she a person worth remembering or was she Just a memory one summer and no one special. Sometimes one cannot clearly express his/her feelings and thus chooses to behave In an unusual manner. This Is a perfect example of how I truly believe Younger acts with the case of Nailed. Younger had an older brother Raff, who was going out with Nailed. Both Raff and Nailed had a very physical relationship, mainly which was all. Younger on the other hand had strong emotional feelings for Nailed.

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One thing Younger did wrought the story was never to make it evident to either Nailed or Raff that he had feeling for her. The readers though knew he liked her early on in the story which makes the entire narration more interesting. Younger seemed like a rather insecure boy. He was young at the time and could only understand what a relationship seems like by seeing Raff and Nailed. “Did you guys fight or something? ” “No” he said “Who’d she leave? ” “She had to go” “But where’s she goanna stay? ” The above conversation was held between Younger and Raff. It was the time during the end of the story when Raff and Nailed broke up.

This clearly shows the innocent side of Younger and also shows how he has troubling understand the ways and working of relationships. There are instances in the story in which one can clearly tell Younger has certain feelings for Nailed. There is an interesting passage early on In the story whereby Younger tries to show the readers his love for Nailed by describing her in ways which are not at all beautiful. “She had big stupid lips and a sad moonbeam and the driest skin. Always rubbing lotion on It and cursing the Moreno father whiff given It to her” (76). This passage Is very Interesting because of he ways he showcases his love.

This Is sign for Younger In childhood where he Is a bit confused. He does not truly understand what It feels Like to be attracted too girl. He Likes her but surely does not want to believe It. He doesn’t want to believe It due to the fact that he knows Nailed and Rata are going out and It would only complicate things more if any of them found out about how he truly feels. Another particular example in the story is the part when Younger describes the Thursdays him and Nailed spend together talking till it gets dark outside. At the point in the story, Younger realizes he likes Nailed and wants to be with her. Sometimes I could grab her Ana pull nerd Dacca onto ten con, Ana we’d stay tender Tort a long time, me walling Tort her to fall in love with me”(78). This is a very strong statement in the story because it clearly indicates and provides the reader with the knowledge early on in the passage that Younger has trouble expressing these feelings personally towards Nailed. By talking to be and being with her, Younger wants Nailed to fall for him. This particular quote in the story also implies that even though Nailed is his brother’s(Raft’s) girlfriend, it isn’t affect him.

It doesn’t affect him in the sense that he knows she is seeing someone else, but it doesn’t bother him. He wants to be with her irrespective of that matter. In the end of the story, Raff dies due to cancer; Younger eventually drops out of school and doesn’t have any friends. Nailed too goes her own way. “It was only one summer, and she was nobody special, so what’s the point of all this? ” (83). This line at the end of story is said by Younger. He is confused as to what happened that particular summer when his brother and Nailed dated.

His brother eventually passed away and he was not able to tell Nailed how he felt about her. Younger describes Nailed as nobody special and somebody he knew for only a summer because he could not make anything special out of him and Nailed. It was that particular summer where everything happened and then everything ended. The particular passages explained above help explain as to what he meant when he said this. What he said involves a lot of emotion, emotion in the form of love for Nailed and also sadness in the form that he was unable to do anything about it.