In the last post I talked about my career path and how it had not included a college degree – something that I had chosen to do as I was much more interested in working than I was in going to school. I immediately pursued a career in nonprofit and had remained there ever since, working my way up, gaining experience and respect in the industry, and loving every minute of my role in helping people in a variety of ways.

When I realized, however, that I would not be considered for a role in nonprofit management because I had not gotten my college degree I decided that I needed to make sure that I was more competitive in the marketplace if I was going to be able to earn more money. I loved my job and wanted to continue in the field but I had reached an earnings ceiling which made it difficult to keep pace with my family’s financial needs.

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Going back to school was not a difficult decision at this time in my life but I was more concerned with the logistics of balancing school and work. I couldn’t afford to take a leave of absence but some of the class schedules for the nearby university included daytime lectures. That was when I found an online nonprofit management program – something that would allow me to continue working while still completing my degree during my off hours. All I needed was a computer and an Internet connection and I was able to get right to work.

Online learning is nothing new and I have seen a whole host of online programs including an online MBA, Masters in Education, and even an online IT degree program. The online nonprofit management program was the perfect scenario from my situation and has allowed me to take the next steps in my career.