If you’re considering going back to school to earn an online business degree, there are a number of options available to you. Should the idea of actually receiving two paychecks on a consistent basis appeal, nonprofit management might be right up your alley. While it’s possible that this field won’t technically pay as much as others an online MBA could open up, the rewards tend to astound.

Nonprofit managers receive their paychecks in two forms. The first comes in actual money, of course. The second is found in the rewards that come from helping a cause that one finds important. The personal rewards can be as great for nonprofit managers as they are for individuals who seek out masters in education degrees.

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Those who take the nonprofit management specialty when seeking out an online business degree will find going to school via the Internet does offer some major benefits. Some of the biggest include:

Choice of programs – The nonprofit management specialty isn’t one that’s taught at every school in the country that offers MBA degrees. When you go online, however, you can find a variety of locations all over the country that offer this specialty to remote students. Some of the best private colleges in the country, in fact, offer this option to students right along with more traditional Internet-based programs like the online IT degree.

Convenience – Going to school online is much more convenient than other choices. When an online program is selected, there’s no reason to relocate, quit a day job or even have to sacrifice too much time away from family or friends.

A nonprofit management degree can give you the ability to earn two paychecks on a regular basis. If the work you do must be rewarding and important to society, this unique field can deliver exactly what you’re after.