I am not a quitter. When I start something I will finish it; even if it takes me awhile. This was certainly the case with my college degree. It’s not like I went to school and had to leave. I just didn’t think it was worth going at that time. I think I was like a lot of kids my age at that time. College looked appealing but for all the wrong reasons. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life – what I wanted to be – and I could hardly imagine pursuing an education for just anything that seemed okay. I didn’t want to settle and I didn’t want to spend all that money on a degree that meant nothing to me. I guess it was the right choice for me at the time.

I will say this, not going directly to college allowed me to really explore what it is that I did want to do. I was really happy in the land of nonprofit and so I wound up settling there after I floated around awhile in marketing and even financial jobs where I was anything but a perfect fit. When I found myself finally working in nonprofit I knew that I had found my home – the place where I gelled; where I was meant to stay.

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Finding that comfort zone, however, never lessened my desire for a college education. In fact, it increased my desire to go to school. Now here I was – older, sure but certainly wiser – and finally really passionate about something. I really knew what I wanted to do and I was so excited to pursue it in the classroom. But this was the catch. How could I go back to school for nonprofit management – what I had finally focused on as my degree program of choice – without giving up my career even temporarily? I would soon discover another way.