In the last post I talked about my choice when I was younger to forgo college; to instead try to find the thing in life that would inspire my passion. I was less than enthusiastic about having to suddenly decide on a career and spend substantial money on a degree program that I could wind up settling for in the end. I would rather really discover my true path in life before I committed my education and my money. So that’s what I did. I chose work over college and after bouncing around for some time I finally found my place in the world – in nonprofit.

In nonprofit I was happy, I was myself, and I was home. It didn’t take long to decide that I wanted to pursue nonprofit management in terms of my formal education. But here was the dilemma. In order to go to school would I have to give up my job? The answer, ultimately, was absolutely not. Online learning offered the perfect way to pursue nonprofit management and still keep my job.

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The nonprofit management online degree program was the answer to everything that I needed. It would give me the opportunity to do all of my schoolwork online where I could complete assignments, reading, even submit projects, and take exams. This was all on my own terms – in the time during which I was free from work and other responsibilities. This was not to say it was going to be easy in any regard; it would still be a lot of work to juggle. But at least I knew that with online degree programs I would have the option to juggle both instead of having to choose.

My nonprofit management online degree program begins soon and I couldn’t be more excited to start. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and ready to go after what I want.