My daughter did not have the typical college experience; she had my granddaughter when she was only nineteen years old and, while she had started her college classes, she wasn’t able to finish out the year, let alone earn her degree. Her subsequent marriage didn’t last and before long she and her daughter were living back at home with us – the entire family pitching in to try to make things work. She found a great job with a nonprofit organization and time marched on – all of us caught in the whirlwind that comes with having small children and working adults in a household. I was so proud of everything my daughter had accomplished on her own but I knew that she had things she still wanted to do and before long she found a way to go after them.

She told me that she was glad that she had gotten this job in nonprofit because while it may have just been a way to pay the bills at first it was quickly revealed to her as something about which she was passionate. In fact, she told me, she wanted to pursue nonprofit management as her long term career and she had found a way to earn her degree – online.

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With an online nonprofit management degree program she could continue to work full time and care for her daughter, while doing all of her schoolwork at night or on the weekends when we could help with the baby. Everything was done online – on her computer – and it was the most convenient and best way possible of earning her degree.

She earned that nonprofit management degree – and we were all so proud. But she didn’t stop there! It seems she really caught the bug after earning her undergraduate degree and so she’s quickly moving on to get her online MBA. Nothing can stop her now!