The school officials at Northwood University from Florida announced a new online MBA program that will last for 24 months and it will be open from January for professionals who are already working in the field.

The new classroom for online MBA programs will offer the students a way of engaging with the faculty staff and capturing the whole learning process. The statement of the dean of DeVos Graduate School, Dr. Lisa Fairbairn, explains that this will be enabled with the help of small group activities, the structured approach and through helpful discussion boards.

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The requirements for the students are to achieve at least a 3.0 or even a higher grade on average and finish all of the 36 credit hours in the semester. This means there will be 12 courses until the end or, better said, 6 courses in  year.

This new method will help students and give them the opportunity to get the best and succeed as graduate students as well as professionals working in the field of their online MBA program. The program will allow the students to balance between study, work and home, says Fairbairn. The same strict academic standards and the same content as in the traditional graduate programs are offered with the online MBA program. The one significant difference is the modality of the delivery. There is no difference between students who have graduated online and those that have received their degree on campus.

Fairbairn says, the students that will enroll in the online MBA program at Northwood University will have around fifteen or twenty hours in the week filled with studying, collaborating with other students, being active in online discussions as well as participating in other activities that will be online and completing their assignments.

The structure of the program is such that allows students to take one course after another. This enables them to put all of their focus on the main subject but continuously upgrade and use the knowledge and the experience from the previous course. This type of studying will give them a chance to build a successful career while studying and improving.

Fairbairn also adds that the main benefit from finishing the course to the end is the flexibility. The program enables the students to decide on their own what is the perfect time for them to complete all of the wanted deliverables and be active in the discussions led with the faculty and their cohort online. So, practically, this course gives you the best of both worlds.

The enrolling period is already open and the course will start in January, 2015.