I would first like to quote from an author who is in our text. But we have not read her yet. Her name is Dilly Ailing and she says that, “To be a woman and a writer / Is double mischief”. This Is In her biography pig. 591 . So if being a woman and a writer is double mischief then in 1976 being a writer, a woman, and a black woman to boot, must have been triple mischief.

So this author challenged every cultural stereotype there was, took the bull by the horns and wrestled, with feminism, racism and with her own sexuality. As well as being a wife and a very devoted mother, of two children by her husband of eight years. . This women opened doors and avenues for other . Women of black descent as well as other cultures. Even through great adversity, with the struggle Walt Dreamt cancer, near returns to nave reconstructive surgery after her mastectomy n protest of the difference between women who still have their breasts.

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And those who have had to have their breasts surgically removed. So was she saying that by not having reconstructive surgery, that not having any breasts does not make you any less of a woman. She says that much of what she did in her life is owed to the “legends of… Struggle and survival. ” Which were her ancestors from Africa and the West Indian island of Caribou.