?n?rgy is ?n ?x?rtion of pow?r. It c?n b? obt?in?d
from diff?r?nt sourc?s such ?s oil, co?l, cok?, ?l?ctricity, g?s ?tc. Oth?r sourc?s of ?n?rgy ?r?
?lso pr?s?nt in n?tur? in th? form of sol?r ?n?rgy, wind ?n?rgy ?tc. Th?
prim?ry sourc?s of ?n?rgy for st??l m?nuf?cturing includ? cok?, ?l?ctricity,
furn?c? oil, LDO ?nd by-products. Tot?l ?l?ctricity r?quir?d for th? pl?nt is
sourc?d from th? grid only. Cok? is b?ing us?d ?s m?in fu?l ?nd ?lso its
v?rious by-products ?r? b?ing produc?d in v?rious proc?ss?s. Th?s? by-products
?r? ?lso b?ing us?d ?s fu?l ?s p?r r?quir?m?nt in v?rious ?r??s of th? pl?nt.
Di?s?l is us?d for DG s?ts ?nd R?il locomotiv?s. ?s on? unit s?v?d is two units
g?n?r?t?d, cons?rv?tion of ?n?rgy is v?ry ?ss?nti?l b?c?us? VISL is on? of th? ?n?rgy
int?nsiv? industri?s. M?ny units ?r? working with old t?chnology ?nd monitoring
f?cility is l?ss. With th? n?w d?v?lopm?nts in th? r?c?nt y??rs, th?r? is ?normous
scop? for r?ducing th? sp?cific ?n?rgy consumption. This p?p?r d?scrib?s th?
production proc?ss ?nd ?n?rgy s?ving opportuniti?s in ? pl?nt ?t v?rious s?ctions.



A f?w of th? v?rious d?p?rtm?nts in an Iron and St??l
pl?nt ar?:

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Raw mat?rial


St??l m?lting



Th? production pl?nning ?nd control d?p?rtm?nt is
m?inly conc?rn?d in pl?nning th? structur?l form?t of pl?n to b? c?rri?d out by
?ll th? d?p?rtm?nts in th? forth Coming y??r. Mining is ?xtr?ction of min?r?ls
from ??rth crust with s?f?ty ?nd ?conomic?lly. R?w m?t?ri?ls ?r? th? b?sic r?quir?m?nts for ?ny industri?l
production. Th? m?jor r?w m?t?ri?ls for Iron ?nd St??l production ?r? Iron or?,
Cok?, Lim?ston?, High m?gn?sium lim?ston?, r?w dolomit?, Dunit?.