It is proven that dietary habits remunerated at a tender age are adhered to even in older age, thus by training the children; we set precedence in their lives to eat right. To effectively tackle this menace, we have to identify its roots, that is, its causes. There is no argument that the major cause of obesity is the fat-rich fast foods that most Americans imbibe day In day out. An average burger at a restaurant pushes over one thousand calories. Adding chicken fingers and fries to the burger blows the calories off the roof. One Is looking at over one thousand five hundred calories for one meal. Obesity is caused by a perfect storm of a multiplicity of factors and no one factor is going to be entirely responsible for this problem personal choice and responsibility does play a part but a part of many other factors. ” Barbara Moore, the president of Shape UP Scientists have proven that the foods alone cannot be the root cause of America! Obesity. For Instance, a person who eats the fast foods but takes time to exercise may not be obese but then there is the case of genetics which naturally affect obesity in an individual regardless of the amount of exercise put in.

This serves to demonstrate hat one specific factor cannot cause obesity on its own. There are many factors that perpetuate obesity. Over the years, there has been a reduction in the amount of physical activity that an individual undertakes in a day. This is mainly due to much technological advancement that has lessened the need for physical movement. For Instance, one does not need to countless across a room to select television stations; there is a remote to do that. One no longer has to take the stairs to a certain floor of a building, elevators do all the climbing.

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There is no doubt that technology has made fife easier, but at what cost to our bodies? A simple task as climbing a flight of steps reduces cardiovascular complications significantly. When done routinely, it could be the difference between coronary thrombosis and the lack thereof. Obesity is caused by excessive fats in the body. When we eat too much, the food is in excess of the amount required by the body and thud tends to be stored in the body as fats. The excess weight can be shed off with consistent activities such as exercising and taking a better and healthier diet.

However, science has proven that despite all this, it ay still be harder for some people to tackle the weight mainly for genetic reasons. For some, the weight can never really go down. It is really a sad situation. That is not to say, however, that it is not manageable. There are some factors that tend to accelerate obesity such as age, gender, and psychological factors. With increase in age, metabolic reactions in the body are much slower. This means that less food is broken down and thus most is stored in the form of fats. This could lead to obesity especially if the portions of food being consumed are large.

Different emotions evoke varied reactions in people. Some people turn to Junk food or what we would call comfort foods to deal with stress or anger. Other feelings such as boredom or sadness can also lead to excessive eating. These habits lead to obesity especially due to the unhealthy nature of some of these foods. In the gender framework, men are genetically gifted with a higher metabolic rate. This means that if a man and woman consume an equal quantity of food, the man is less likely to grow fat since he has a higher metabolism which ensures he breaks down food faster compared to the woman.

The higher metabolic rate in men also means that they require larger food otiose in order to get the required calories of energy compared to women. Men who engage in strenuous physical activities will also eat more than the average man would. Some lifestyles also perpetuate obesity. The busy nature of people’s schedules today barely leaves any time to prepare a decent meal. Most people are then left to opt for takeout meals, which are not usually healthy and increase one’s chances to be obese. The minimal time also means that people are less likely to participate in exercise activities.

There is no time even for a Jog let alone working out n a gym, which may be expensive at times especially when one has to get a trainer. In many homes, dinner lacks its significance as it had in the past. Today, one can miss out on dinner and settle for a late snack. In the past, there was much furor over the meal which had to be prepared to the highest standards available. The contents of the meal were also far more nutritious than the contents of dinners served today. There is also the fact that today fast food is much cheaper than nutritional food.

Given the stringent budget that many households have to contend with, fast food has ringing appeal to it cost-wise. It offers a quick solution. With Just five dollars or less, one can get a satisfactory amount of fast food and better yet, there is no need to include a tip. Maybe in the event that fast food is more expensive than nutritional food, then many people would take the healthier option. There is also the elimination of physical education in schools, the creation of entertainment options that are accessible from the comfort of one’s home.

Most Jobs today also involve less Pensacola actively silence one Is continental to a seas Ana canal all clay. Outlet Sods also mean that people are seated at their desks all day and have minimal opportunities to exercise all day. I think the least they can do is take the stairs which most of the time is impractical given the extremely high storied buildings that are in most cities today. One can’t be expected to climb up forty stories via the stairs. Excessive drinking of alcohol also increases the chances of being obese.

Too much alcohol in the system slows down the metabolic activities of the body as the body is busy trying to neutralize the alcoholic toxins. This means most of the food consumed is stored as fats in the body. Fatigue caused by all the alcohol also incapacitates someone from Some medications can also increase a person’s appetite going to exercise. Meaning that they would be eating more than is required by the body thus accelerating obesity. Medications such as antidepressants, family planning pills and steroids have such effects.

Body weight and related health risks can be quantified through measurement using the body mass index and the waist circumference measurement. The body mass index which is calculated with the use of one’s weight and height can give inkling as to the extent of one’s body fat. The skin fold assortment is another form of measurement that can measure the body fat. The loss or gain of weight is determined by the balance of energy, which is the amount of calories that enter the body versus the amount of calories that leave the body. There are different opinions as to which method is the most effective and is the safest for weight loss.

Some scientists argue that it is important that one eats lesser portions than normal and take care of the calorie content of the meals all the while ensuring that the meals have all the major nutritional components, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. Since we have identified the foods are making people obese, we need to find out how to end the dependence on fast foods. In this quest, the question Who is to blame? Cannot be ignored. Is it the restaurants that produce these fat-rich foods that are causing obesity or is it the individual who makes the decision to eat such kinds of foods? Nevertheless, is it even Justified to lay blame?

In a report made by the Institute of Medicine, the blame was laid squarely on the shoulders of lawmakers and the food industry and in specific, the US farm policy. The report also proposed for anti-obesity efforts to be introduced in the school yester and for employers and insurers to take up the fight against obesity. There has been a litany of lawsuits filed against fast food outlets based on the presumption that they are causes of obesity in an individual. For instance, McDonald’s was sued in August 2002 by two different parents who lived in the Bronx and claimed that McDonald’s was responsible for their two different girls being obese.

This case was so important since it was the first of its kind against a fast-food chain in a US courtroom. It set its precedence from similar suits against tobacco companies. The two suits were based on the fact that the outlet did not disclose the ingredient to its servings thereby was accountable for the occurrence of obesity in the two minors. The plaintiffs were of the opinion than responsibility lay with McDonald’s. The food at the fast food outlet was listed as the root cause of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels in the girls.

To one of the fathers, he argued that there was no information offered to him by the outlet to alert him of the dangers of the food that the daughter was consuming. He arts Tanat Nils assumption was Tanat ten T as inanely Tort Nils canny, toneless ease why would they be serving bad food to the public. The plaintiffs needed to demonstrate that McDonald’s actively deceived its customers of the health dangers of the food they were serving and that had the information being available, the girls would not be having obesity problems.

The defendant’s lawyers argued that primary responsibility lay with the purchaser of the food to understand the implication of the food one was buying on the individual’s body over time. They also argued that even without eating at McDonald’s, the plaintiffs children still stood at sis of obesity and cited, lifestyle choices and different medical conditions that can aggravate the situation. Lawyers’ representing McDonald’s used the same argument as my son.

They said, “Every responsible person understands what is in products such as hamburgers and fries, as well as the consequence to one’s waistline, and potentially to one’s health, of excessively eating those foods over a prolonged period of time. ” In another suit that filed anonymously in February 2003, the same outlet was sued on the grounds that it served harmful food to an unsuspecting public. Caesar Barber filed a lawsuit in July 2002 against Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, Wendy and again, McDonald’s claiming that the food they served had led to his medical conditions, namely diabetes, heart attacks, and obesity.

In a ruling provided by Judge Robert Sweet who handled all the mentioned cases, McDonald’s was found to be without blame. The Judge cited the fact the fast food chain was not responsible for the complainants having excesses. Since the lawsuits, McDonald’s has since added new food types to its menu such as salads. It may have been a move to maneuver further litigation but it sure did present as a sign of good that. The public tends to cast blame on fast food outlets but the real question is “Are we not to blame? ” Nobody is forced to purchase food from these places.

Scientists have identified that the excessive consumption of energy rich foods is the underlying cause of obesity. In the past, there was only one size of French fries that was served. By 2001, this size was referred to as small and was a third of the capacity of the largest size offered. By today’s measurements, a large portion weighs equal to a supervise portion back in 1999. It is interesting to note that as the size of the orations spirals upwards so does the number of people eating these amounts of fast food.

The fast food chains are not to blame for the increasing quantities as such since their main aim is to satisfy an ever-growing consumer base. A survey done by dietary intake services showed that in the sass there was a per capita increase of kcal per day. Today, the sum of processed foods including imports without exports indicates kcal/d per capita. This increase was also witnessed in food intakes in homes. In 1970, food expenses accounted for thirty four percent and in sass, food accounted for forty seven percent of the household budget.

This translated into larger food portions on the plates of individuals. To counter these increases, the USDA and FDA have provided a recommended food pyramid to assist people in managing their food intake. The FDA also provides a standardized measure for food labels on a two thousand calorie diet. The food industry has grown in milestones. It is currently worth in the excess of one hundred and fifty trillion dollars annually. A lobby has been constituted for the industry to counter the many troubles plaguing the industry. Millions are spent lobbying annually for various products. Mom AT ten most prominent sun as coca-cola Ana Peeps won nave spent up to one hundred and seventy five million dollars on lobbying, have had long battles with the proposed legislature regarding the taxation of sugary drinks. Most consumers would swear that there is something addictive in fast foods. Scientific research can, however, not back up this claim. However, it forms a basis for most people to turn to fast food even when they are aware of the potent risks involved in consuming such foods especially in large quantities.

They swear that there is something irresistible and riveting about fast food that keeps a person coming back. The responsibility of one’s obesity lies with the consumer. Health choices regarding an individual cannot be left in the hands of other people who care less what happens to the health of others so much so as to make an extra shilling. Everyone should hold themselves accountable for what they eat and should accept the consequences that come along with their choices. It is in their realm to deal with those consequences and not to blame their decisions on any other party.