The two concepts are very similar and the final verdict of inevitability is present for both. Choosing” ones destiny is a false concept for the same reason as intervening fate. Fate has been used as a theme In many literatures and beliefs including the Greek tragedy Oedipus Rexes, Theses and the Minotaur, and the early American concept of Manifest Destiny. A main idea that is present from the beginning to the end of Sophocles’ tragedy Oedipus Rexes is the fact that a lack of respect for fate can eventually bring on ones own downfall, by driving them to delusion.

Although fate is a strict and complex concept, there may also be flexibility in which a new fate emerges after a fate is fulfilled. Fate again, is determined by a higher divine power. After fulfilling the prophecy, Oedipus’ life could still be a normal and non-tragic, however It Is Oedipus’ hubris that upset the gods and In turn creates a new fate of the tragic downfall of Oedipus. Oedipus’ hubris is shown through his disbelief in Terrifies. Only when Terrifies makes a mention of Oedipus’ parents does Oedipus show his attention and asks “My parents again! Wait: who were my parents? ” (Page 323 line 424) Terrifies then explains further in the end “To the children with whom he lives now he will be rather and father – the very same; to her who bore him, son and husband – the very same who came to his father’s bed, wet with his father’s blood. ” (Page 324 lines 442- 446) Oedipus fate has been stated clearly to him however he continues to be oblivious which in turn sets himself up for the wrath of the gods. Fate results in many outcomes, where it is a positive or negative. As shown in Oedipus Rexes, fate was more on the gloomy side.

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Fate may also result in success; it can encourage the fated subject to take a longer stride to its own destiny. An example would be the Idea of Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny Is a belief that originated from the early sass’s that stated that united States was destined to expand from the Atlantic side of the continent across to the Pacific side. The idea of Manifest Destiny revolves around destiny and its inevitable path. Manifest Destiny was however used wrongly; it was used to Justify territorial expansion at any costs, even by using force.

Whether the idea of Manifest Destiny is an act of righteous of rounding Is not exactly clear because in a sense, Manifest Destiny may be the quest to promote and defend democracy throughout the world. United States, motivated by the belief of destiny, picked the pace up and succeeded In expanding to a more powerful country as the way it is today. Fate is mentioned almost everywhere, in literature, in movies, and in everyday lives. In a way, fate is what governs the world, what controls the way the world works.

The answer to “Why does the world work the way it does” or “Why the world exists” an be answered through the concept of fate with “Because it was meant to. ” This common tongue NAS Eden tenuously pondered upon Tort ages, even earlier than recorded history. Sophocles’ Oedipus Rexes deals with fate entirely throughout the play and showed the inevitability it possesses. The concept of destiny influenced the early United States government in the form of Manifest Destiny, which in the end resulted in the growth of the country. Though paradoxical and mysterious, fate exists and it is what rules the world as if it was a script off play.