What is the cycle in which curriculum development evolves?
A situation is analyzed, a program is designed, steps are taken to implement the program, and then an assessment is made
What corruptions can occur in regards to the teacher’s implementation of the curriculum?
When the teacher is unaware of or lacks allegiance to the curriculum, and when the goals are pursued without being aware of the student
What is the six-step cycle of instructional delivery when adoption occurs at the classroom level?
1. Determine teaching tasks and student outcomes2.

Match objectives to student abilities3. Design the instructional process4. Deliver the planned curriculum5.

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Use feedback to analyze curriculum and instruction6. Adjust instructional delivery

What does a teacher’s ability to reflect on and make mature adjustments in teaching behavior depend on?
that teacher’s intrinsic motiviation
What is associative learning?
learning in terms of what one already knows
What is a global curriculum based around?
comprehension, familiarity, understanding
What is a specific curriculum based around?
mastery and skill aquisition
What two levels of classroom planning must occur if the teaching-learning act is to be successful?
preparation and delivery
What is the difference between a basic standards-based curriculum and a standards-plus curriculum?
the teacher would tailor the environment, classroom communication, methodology, delivery procedures, and evaluation to bring about higher academic performance
What are the three basic “families of learning?’
behavioral, developmental, and procedural
What leading theorist stated that, “Changes in behavior are the result of an individual’s response to events (stimuli) that occur in the environment.” Pg.


B.F. Skinner
Who does the perceptualist believe to be the key to learning?
the student (not the teacher)
What is metacognition?
an awareness of one’s mental processes
What kinds of schools are more than 20 of the nation’s largest urban districts committing their district to becoming?
K-8 configurations
Due to great levels of immigration, what are elementary schools serving as?
the great melting pot
What does the United States not have that many other countries do?
a national system of education
What is the name of the 1647 legislation that compelled communities over a certain size to set up grammar schools?
Old Deluder Satan Act
Who viewed child growth and development as organic (natural) rather than mechanistic?
Johann Heinrich
What are the communication skills that language arts include?
Reading, writing, listening, and speaking
What subject has engaged the time of more teachers and received a larger share of the school dollar than any other subject?
What subject has there been less reform  for but has recently begun to develop a more relevant program for elementary school students?
social studies
What symptoms characterize ADD?
difficulty remaining seated, calling out without request, interruption others, and talking excessively
What is the most important feature of PL 94-142?
all students between the ages of 3 and 21 must have available to them a free and appropriate public education
What does the least restrictive environmentmean?
that students should be integrated into, not segregated from, the normal program of the school
What are the four most common labels when describing students with disabilities according to the text?
learning disabled, speech/language impaired, mentally handicapped, and emotionally disturbed