My Views On College Students’ Taking Part-time Jobs Nowadays, an increasing number of college students take part-time jobs. Some people may consider taking part-time jobs harmful for college students as it distracts the students from their academic studies thus bringing down their grades. But I think the benefits of college students’ taking part-time jobs outweigh its shortcomings. Firstly, part-time jobs can relieve college students’ financial burdens.

As not every one of the students from poor families can apply for grants at universities, they can take part-time jobs to pay their tuition and costs of living. Also, for those students who lacks pocket money and don’t want to bother to ask their parents for it, they can earn money though part-time jobs and buy things they like ,such as clothes or electronic devices, to their discretion. Doing part-time jobs is an appropriate and relatively easy way for college students to make money, which helps them to better deal with their financial problems.

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Moreover, part-time jobs can improve college students’ academic studies. For example, if a student who majors in accounting finds a part-time job in a company’s finance department, he will have a deeper and more concrete understanding of what is written in textbooks and learn beyond what has been told by his teachers; if a foreign-language-major student take a part-time job in a foreign company, his listening and speaking skills of that language will be improved and he can have a more accurate command of the language.

Instead of having negative effects on college students’ academic studies, part-time jobs can promote students’ studies in various ways. Last but not least, part-time jobs can help college students to develop practical skills. They will be able to deal with daily matters by doing part-time jobs. They may learn how to properly turn to others, satisfy customers’ need or even settle disputes. In addition, part-time jobs function as a job training for college students to some extent, which provide with them opportunities to act as employees.

Therefore, college students can become acquainted with the ethics of certain or several vocations through part-time jobs so that they can gain valuable working experience. In general, taking part-time jobs is beneficial to college students. But it is worth noting that college students should balance their time spent on their academic studies and part-time jobs that they can gain most from part-time jobs without falling bahind in their studies.