On August 6, 1945, the United States dropped a phenomenal atomic bomb on Japan, which viable finished the second World War. The dropping of the atomic bomb was an earth-shattering occasion. The choice to drop the bomb has been examined as to its need and ethical quality, and the inquiry has emerged.  In spite of the fact that the united states had elective strategies to end the war, the utilization of atomic bomb was advocated by shortening the war, spare numerous lives of those in the war and on the grounds that Japan assaulted first.The United States turned into the primary nation to ever utilize the atomic bomb infighting. As seen in document A, It all started when Japan decided to attack the American naval base at Pearl Harbor. Which burned two days after the Japanese attack where it still leaks a quart of oil daily. Let’s also not forget when the Japanese Kamikaze attacked the U.S ships in the Pacific Theater as seen in document C.  All this lead to cause the atomic bombing of Japan.  The two atomic bombs that were dropped as seen in document G, one of them   which was dropped on the city of Hiroshima. The second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.Harry Truman the leader of the U.S  first reason was that the atomic bomb would end the war effectively. Although some may say that what the United States did was a little harsh because of all the damage that happened. One of the main reason would be because of the bombs taking over many lives and more after the effect of the radiation. Although we all have to see an eye for an eye. Japan started it first by attacking pearl harbor then by attacking our ships which both lead to many deaths of innocent people. Then the U.S decided to bomb Japan with two mayor atomic bombs because they wanted to end the war faster and wanted to save many lives but they also cause many deaths.In conclusion, everyone has their own opinion if it was right or wrong to bomb Japan. Both Japan and The United States had different intentions of ending the war. The United States wanted to shorten the war, spare numerous lives of those in the war and Japan not so much. At the end of the day what is done is done you can’t change anything or else things would be different and nothing would be the way it is now.