On VideoAdvice’s motivation video titled “Why You Don’t SUCCEED.” Motivational speaker, Simon Sinek, talks about how the newest generation in the workforce is facing many issues involving their self image, how they are viewed as a generation, and their lack of patience.  In the video Simon Sinek says that “The newest generation on the workforce is constantly struggling with how they view themselves, and how they have no patience to get promoted. Because of how instant our society has become due to social media.” He then goes on to state that he has heard many millenials say that they may quit their new job because they haven’t “made an impact.” This is one of the many negative side effects of our social media driven society. Since we were raised in a time where you don’t have to wait to do almost anything, we are we expected everything to be handed to us. Another negative consequence of all of our technology is that it has made us unable to form relationships in social situations. Simon said that we are addicted to our phones, and that we don’t meet new people since we can just talk to someone we already know anytime we want. Another example of phones harming our social lives Simon brought up was that we don’t have the social skills to do it. Since we are always on our phones and not forming social skills we are left without the proper skills to even start forming new relationships.  Although Simon Sinek talked for fifteen minutes about how our phones are the reason we have all the issues we do, he said they aren’t completely terrible. He compared them to drinking and gambling by saying, “They aren’t good when you use them for four hours straight, but in moderation they are great.” He then gave examples of ways to cut down on screen time. For example, he said you shouldn’t charge your phone next to your bed and you should charge it in your living room, so it isn’t a distraction and you can get a healthy amount of sleep. Another example he provided was that phones shouldn’t be out when you’re aren’t using it for productive purposes and instead you should socialize with those around you.