Evildoer Kea sell an estimated 3 million inedible Items in 41 countries everyday. Almost all of these items include wood, plastic and metal, which means that they all contribute to global warming . This makes Kea a major culprit when it comes to climate change. Yet, Kea are taking the necessary steps to eradicate further climate change. Kea aim to Increase energy efficiency by twenty five percent by 2015, and by 2020 Kea alma to make more energy than it uses.

In addition, Kea cooperates with WFM, a non- governmental organization that Is currently one of the biggest wildlife conservation organizations. Coming up with a solution to this problem Is a top priority to Kea. Despite the fact that, even though Kea have done a lot to prevent further climate change through Investing In wind turbines, LED light bulbs and solar panels, Kea still feels that they have not done everything In their power to prevent further climate change.

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By 2015, Kea will Install an additional 200,000 solar panels In 150 Kea stores all over the world, to make all stores 40% more energy efficient than they already are. This solution will have a large impact on economics, politics and the environment. First I will look at the economic aspect of this solution. For solar panels to provide sufficient energy for all the stores that Kea owns, almost all stores will need an extras ,300 90-watt solar panels. Yet, here we already encounter the first problem. Solar panels cost $7. 00/watt, which is quite expensive.

If Kea were to buy all of the solar panels needed, the total cost would be equal to $122,850,000 (?89,000,000). This is a large amount of money and could have a vast affect on Kike’s profit and net worth. Kea is a privately owned company, thus, they are more focused on net profit ND sales profit instead of stocks and private equity firms. CEO and founder of Kea Angina Swampland has insisted that “staying private has been one of the key reasons behind Kike’s success as a company (Nazareth. Com 2012). Consequently it is suspected that Kea will not be listed on any stock exchange for another couple years.

The only way that the public gets information on Kike’s finances is through their annual earnings report. Throughout 2009 the Kea group reported that they had a net profit increase of 1 1. 3%, taking the companies annual net profit to 35. 5 billion euros. However, they also said that almost all of this money has either been Invested or has been used to build new factories and stores. So where will Kea get the money they need to buy these solar panels? Simply put, Kea will have to take $122,850,000 from their investment funds to use for their solar projects.

Nevertheless, solar panels are not the only way to generate sustainable energy. Kea already has over 150 wind turbines all over the world (100 of which are In use right novo which amass a total 345 megawatts of energy, used to power factories (Forbes. Com 2014). But there Is also another problem. Solar panels Just don’t produce enough energy for Kea to run their stores Like they do now, which Is why I propose that they also use LED light bulbs Instead of the standard light bulbs used In most stores and homes.

LED light bulbs use 85% less energy than normal light bulbs and they have a 20,000 hour lifespan compared to ten 1 nor Tie span AT normal align Dulls Ana teeny are also 1 mercury free. If Kea would only use LED light bulbs and build the additional solar panels, Kea will have more energy than they can use, they could then sell this energy to other companies and slowly make back the money that they spent on LED lights ND solar panels. This picture provides daily sun hours in the US. As you can see the west coast is has a lot more sun than the North.

This is beneficial to Kea because two thirds of all Kike’s stores in the US are situated in the West coast, meaning that with this extra sun Kea might actually be able to cut down on the amount of solar panels used on stores in the West coast. Another thing that Kea must think about when buying solar panels is that there are many different types of solar panels from thin film to mono- to polycrystalline. From an economic viewpoint, mono- solar panels are probably the ours because they are the most expensive and there are also many variables involved with the quality and affectively of mono- solar panels.

Thin film solar panels are also not very good from a financial viewpoint because they may be cheap, but they are very inefficient compared to mono- solar panels and polycrystalline solar panels. Thus, the best solar panel would probably be the polycrystalline solar panel because they are cheaper than mono- solar panels and more efficient than thin film solar panels. Polycrystalline solar panels also use string ribbon solar cells, resulting n less silicon, which also makes it more environmentally friendly. Ribbon solar cells can also have an efficiency rate of up to 18. 3%’ (unrepresentative. Com 2014) making it almost as efficient as mono- solar panels. Politics may have an affect when buying large quantities of LED lights and solar panels, thus, it is important that Kea is informed on how politics and taxes may affect their buying procedures. Solar energy is often considered ethical but, in all honesty, quite a waste of money compared to the prices of coal and oil, which why many countries are trying to make solar energy heaper.

For example, in the USA using solar energy has become quite an attractive alternative to commodities such as oil and coal because of the 30% tax credit you get when buying solar panels. With 38 Kea stores in the USA this is quite attractive as not only an alternative source of energy for ‘kea, but also an investment. For instance, lets say that Kea decides to buy X number of solar panels at the price of $100,000. If Kea decide to use their $30,000 tax credit, but only have a $25,000 tax bill, they can use the $30,000 tax credit to get $5,000 from the IRS.

Nonetheless, if Kea feel that hey would rather do this later, they can still profit from their $30,000 tax credit, three years after they have purchased the solar panels. Another key aspect of politics is tariffs. Due to the fact that solar energy is becoming more and more valuable, countries have started trade tariffs so that companies in the countries placing tariffs will not go bankrupt. This is probably a liability to Kea if they are to buy additional solar panels because they will be more expensive if you are buying solar panels from a foreign brand. Finally, I have arrived at the final aspect of my essay.

Solar energy effect on the environment. Solar panels are 20 times better than coal in terms of KHz-to-KHz. As you can also see in the diagram above, solar is also almost 12 times better than gas condoned cycles Ana It Is a lot canapés than nuclear Ana unary plants Nil makes it the ideal choice for ‘kea. Another thing that Kea should keep in mind when buying solar panels is that it usually takes three years for the solar panels to make enough energy that was used in making the solar panels and installing them. However, there is another side to solar panels that not many people hear about.

As al products, solar panels need to be manufactured and the manufacturing of solar panels is not only expensive, but it is also extremely harmful to the environment. A major component of solar panels is crystalline silicon, which accounts for 60% of the energy used to make solar panels, yet, if the energy used to produce solar panels comes from fossil fuels then it isn’t really true to say that solar panels don’t emit any carbon. In conclusion, Kea takes very seriously, is taking measures to combat climate change and even though there were some downsides, they have been thoroughly explained and analyzed by me.