Whenever I thought about going back to school all I could think about were the obstacles that would be in front of me. I had left school long ago – graduating with my business undergraduate degree and I had desperately wanted to go forward to earn my MBA. Life, however, had other plans for me and before I knew it I was working crazy hours and raising two children on my own. The answer came for me in the form of online degree programs.

Being a single mother was enough of a challenge. My schedule left no room for another extra; I was already bending over backwards to get through my regular day. How would I possibly add school to an already bursting routine? Finances were another challenge. Going back to school was going to be expensive enough with tuition but the commute would throw the price into another stratosphere – between childcare, gas, tolls, and wear and tear on a car that was already on its last legs. There had to be a better way.

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When I looked into online degree programs I knew I had found my answer to all of the obstacles before me. Through the online MBA program I could achieve my educational goals without any of the additional challenges that made the pursuit of my degree seem next to impossible.

An online university degree program would allow me to work from home on my degree without having to leave my children, juggle my work schedule, and come up with the extra money it would take for me to commute. Earning an online MBA is the perfect alternative to trying to fit in a traditional school schedule along with everything else I have on my plate at the moment; so I set to work to find the program that was right for me. More in the next post…