There is nothing more honorable than a career in teaching; schools are where our young people are educated and their future experiences are shaped. Teachers that enjoy their work and are passionate about what they do and what they bring to the table are remembered by children for many, many years to come; something that cannot be said by those in other careers.

Most often those who choose to pursue a career in teaching earn their undergraduate degree in education and get their certification to teach in the grades in which they are interested. But there is education to be had over and above this and many teachers choose to take this step in earning a Masters in Education.

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A Masters in Education program generally offers major work in a variety of school related functions including counseling, administrative work, and curriculum. Those teachers who pursue a Masters in Education with a major in counseling may choose to extend their career into school guidance counseling; those who pursue a Masters in Education with a focus on administration may be desire to become a principle or other administrator within a school district; and those who major in curriculum work may be preparing to teach higher level education at some point in their career or enriching their education in a particular subject so that they can focus on that through their teaching career.

A Masters in Education offers teachers a chance to sharpen their skills, explore particular subjects in-depth, prepare themselves for the job market, rise up in the ranks within a school district, or even earn more money. A Masters in Education can provide insight, a leg up against the competition, opportunities for career growth in a particular district or in an institute of higher learning, and personal accomplishment for those who love the field of teaching.