Graduating high school is supposed to be an exciting time; a time during which kids spread their wings and fly so that they can figure out what it is that they want to do with their life that will make them happy. I never felt that way about graduating though and even though it is coming up this June for me I can’t say that I really began giving any thought to it until recently.

The truth is that I don’t know what I want to do with my life and my parents just keep telling me it’s important to get a college degree no matter what that degree. I just didn’t want to tell them that I had no interest in the typical college experience; no desire to go away to school and that I was utterly confused and sort of overwhelmed by the whole idea.

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Something had to give I guess and it finally did. When they pressed me about my plans I finally confessed my fears and I’m glad I did because they reacted a lot differently than I thought they would. We actually talked a lot and sat down together to look at programs that would appeal to me and were close to home.

What we wound up finding were a lot of options for online degree programs which sounded great to me!! That meant that I could start the work of getting my college degree but also get a job which is really what I wanted to do anyway. I didn’t have to be on a college campus which really took the pressure off of me. I am choosing to go for an online IT degree which combines my love of technology with my desire to work in a field that is only growing.

From there, I may even consider an online business degree if it works out. I just know that now I am finally excited about graduation and about taking the next step in my life.