Southern Illinois University is a public school and it does offer an online MBA program. The deadline for applying for this graduate business program is June 22. All of the participants who enroll to this online business graduate program are already employed and just want to upgrade their knowledge. Southern Illinois University has all of the online MBA programs recorded and archived. The graduate business program that is held online is accredited by the gold standards of business schools, the Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

This graduate business program was started online in the academic year 2009 – 2010. The total number of the enrolled students is 148. The tuition for this program is $854 for in-state students and $854 for out-of-state students. As mentioned above, the deadline for applying for this online program is June 2. The online website for admissions is and the e-mail is [email protected]

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The rankings of this online MBA program are the following: 87 faculty training and credentials rank and 79 faculty training and credentials score, 131 technology and student services rank and 39 technology and student services score, 89 student engagement rank and 64 student engagement score, 37 rank for admission selectivity and 69 score for admission selectivity and 2.8 out of 5 for peer assessment score.

Once again, the deadline for applying for this online MBA program is June 2nd for both US residents and students and international students. The admissions website that will offer information is and the e-mail for contact is [email protected] The director of admissions is Suzanne Altobello and the phone for contact is (618) 453 3030.

The school awards the MBA students who complete the program and there are 12 full time instructors from the faculty who teach these courses online. The participants will get a degree from this MBA course and the course is open only for online participants. Campus-based students are not allowed to follow this course.

There are 148 participants enrolled to this course and the average age of the participants is 37 years.