In the last post I talked about the schedule that most working mothers share – the craziness that doesn’t end from the time you wake up until the time you finally hit the pillow at night and pass out. It can be difficult to squeeze in time for a cup of coffee with a friend let alone attending your own school program (who has time for that when you’re helping your kids with their homework?).

I was struggling to find time for myself between my family, my home, and my full time job. But I also desperately wanted to get my MBA. I had already gotten my undergraduate business degree and was very happy with my job so I didn’t want to have to leave it to go back to school – especially in this economy. However, I did want to take advantage of the enthusiasm I was feeling for school and felt this was the time to finally pursue my MBA. Luckily an online MBA made all things possible and convenient for me.

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The online MBA program that I chose allows me to do all of my work at night or during the weekends – it’s a crunch but it’s certainly doable. This is the only option that would have ever worked for me in my situation and I feel so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to attend school in this manner and further my education as I have wanted to do for so long.

I found out a lot about online learning through my process of researching and was subsequently able to recommend several programs – including an online IT degree program and an online Masters in Education program – to some friends who were also considering going back to school. With online learning on our side we can still have it all!