What type of sign is white with black printing?
A regulatory sign.
What does a red octagon sign with white letters tell you to do?
What do you do when you see an orange sign?
Slow down and pay attention.
What is a safety corridor?
A stretch of state and local highways with more fatalities and serious injury crashes than average.
On a traffic signal what does a steady red arrow mean?
What does a steady yellow light mean?
Slow down prepare to stop.
What does a “protected/permitted” signal light look like?
A green arrow.
When you are approaching an intersection you see a solid white line across your lane, what should you do?
A solid white line across you lane shows you where to stop for a stop sign.
What does a yellow dashed or solid line down the center of the road signify?
Traffic flow is traveling in opposite directions.
What color are the lines that separate traffic going in the same direction?
What is “the basic speed law”?
Drive at a speed that is reasonable and cautious for existing conditions.
If you are driving in a school zone what is the speed limit?
20 miles per hour.
What is the speed limit in most residential areas?
25 miles per hour.
What is the number one cause of rear end collisions?
Following too close.
What is a safe following distance?
2-4 seconds.
When making a turn when do you need to turn your signal on?
100 feet before the turn.
When making a left turn onto a one way street, what lane should you turn into?
Into the nearest LEFT lane.
When you approach an intersection with no signs or signals who must yield the right of way?
You must slow down and yield the right of way to any vehicle.
When at an intersection with a 4 way stop sign, who goes first?
The drive who arrived first.
When parking uphill on a road with a curb you must turn your wheels in what direction?
Turn wheels toward the curb.
Are you required to signal when exiting a roundabout?
What is the single most common cause of traffic crashes?
Human error.
How many seconds ahead do you need to scan the road?
12 seconds.
When must headlights be turned on?
From sunset to sunrise.
Is it legal for a person under 18 years old to use a cell phone while driving?
Can you get a ticket for driving with your sound system up loud?
Yes, if it can be heard 50 feet from the vehicle it is illegal.
Is it ever legal for a person under 18 to ride in the bed of a pickup truck?
No, never.
Is it legal to have a pet in the bed of a pickup truck?
Yes, only when the pet is protected by framework, a carrier, or other device to keep it from falling out.
Is there a pedestrian cross walk at every intersection?
Yes regardless of wether it is marked or not.
When can you drive in a bike lane?
Never, only bicycles can use the bike lanes.
What does a flashing amber light on a school bus mean?
Slow down prepare to stop.
What should you do when you hear an emergency vehicle warning?
Pull to the right and stop.
How much alcohol in your blood will impair your driving ability
What does the Oregon implied consent law mean?
It means that anytime you are driving you agree to consent to a breath, blood, or urine test if a police officer asks you to take one.
When are you considered legally drunk?
When blood level reached 0.08 percent or more.
What will happen if you are convicted of DUII for a third time?
You will permanently lose your driving privilege.
If you are involved in a vehicle collision you must file a report within how many hours?
Within 72 hours or you driving privileges will be suspended.