Our last civil war has just ended, but of course that wasn’t the only one; We also had 5other wars before that. Let me explain on what happened during those 6 civil wars so we canprevent other wars from happening and causing Rome to collapse.The first civil war was between Gaius Marius and Lucius Cornelius Sulla. Marius hadtaken credit for one of Sulla’s achievements, and due to this treachery, Rome ended up having itsfirst civil war between the two in 88 BC. Marius then outsmarted Sulla and won command of theRoman legions while he was in a disagreement with King Mithridates of Pontus. Sulla wasfurious because of his defeat he then assembled his troops and attacked Rome. Sulla’s troopsweren’t sure that they should walk into the city with weapons because no one had ever done itbefore. However, Sulla and his troops killed the people that supported Marius and then Mariusran to Africa and hid.Sulla then assembled his troops again and attacked King Mithradates. Sulla then left thecity and it went back to war. Then there was a struggle between the plebeian Populares and theSulla’s upper class Optimates, Marius then came out of his hiding and took over the city againand ruled it. Sulla then got his 40,000 troops and sent them back to reclaim the city once more.Marius then died of old age and his son was the dictator and killed thousands of oppositionpoliticians and nobles. Sulla then went into retirement in 79 BC, but he did weaken thefoundation of the Roman republic; because of this it would only take a few more decades tillthey began to crumble.The second Civil War started out in 49 BC, when Julius Caesar found himself making acruel decision that wouldn’t would end well. He had an alliance with Pompey the great but theirfriend ship ended up as a rivalry. Pompey had aligned faction of the Roman senate that forcedPompey to disband his army and return home as a regular person. Caesar would never doanything like this. He vowed “the die is cast” (which meant that he had made a decision that hecouldn’t change). He and his men crossed Rubicon into Italy and started a civil war. The nextseveral months had past, Caesar’s supporters started fighting with Pompey’s troops in Italy,Spain, Greece, and North Africa. In 48 BC Caesar outsmarted a army that was led by Pompey inspite of having fewer troops. Pompey then ran away to Egypt defeated only to be killed by KingTutt. After defeating the last of Pompey’s allies that were in North America and Spain Caesarthen went back to Rome as the new dictator until he died in 44 BC. On March 15 Caesar wasthen assassinated by Roman senators.During the third Civil War, the person that stabbed Caesar thought that he wasdoing a good thing by saving the Roman Republic, but what he didn’t know was that it wasgonna make it completely collapse. The murderer made a period of instability which left Caesar’ssuccessor Octavian and his general Mark Antony as the leaders of Rome. the two use to be allies,they were both part of the Second Triumvirate, then in 32 BC they they fall out there mutualambition and their relationship with Queen Cleopatra. Then Octavian convinced the senate todeclare a war on cleopatra and it was set to winner takes all fight for Rome. Then Octavian,Antony, and Cleopatra emperors fought each other in 31 BC. Antony was the one with mostships but then Octavian’s general Apriga outsmarted him, but then Cleopatra, Antony, andAlexandria ran away from the battle. Eventually Cleopatra and Antony killed themselves,because of this Octavian was the first to have the role “Augustus”.In the fourth Civil war, due to Nero’s suicide in 68 AD, a civil war began that gave Rome4 different rulers in the time span of 18 months. The first ruler – who was placed by the Senate -was the governor of Spain; His name was Galba. The nature of his rule was unpopular, so he wasmurdered by the Praetorian Guard and was then replaced by Otho.Unfortunately for Otho his rising came up with other wouldbe rulers rising. Three monthlater after Otho was leader he was defeated and replaced by Vitellius, he was a military governorwho been hailed by his people. Vitellius was a cruel leader he feasted at banquets up to fourtimes a day he wasn’t throne for long. The armies in Judea had declared their general Vespasianto be emperor and in 69 AD they attacked Rome and killed Vitellius’ defenders in battle atCremona. Vitellius was murdered half naked, and Vespasian was the new Caesar. He provedhimself a good leader and went on over a period of relative stability in Rome.The fifth war started out in 235 AD Alexander Severus was murdered by his people, theycouldn’t of killed him at a worse time because of the fact that Rome was struggling because ofthe amount of times they been raided by barbarians, and the random political instability thatstarted a war for a certain amount of time but this time Rome was almost defeated. 35 years thenpass, and during that time the Roman Throne was claimed by over dozens of troops but thenalmost all of the invaders were assassinated by their own people or they died in a battle. Thethreats from Goth’s and other forces also increase so it made things even worse for them. Thenthe empire split into three. Then a man named Emperor Aurelian, he then made all the attackersrun away and he re-conquered all of his territories, but then everything went back to the way itwas after he died. The chaos wouldn’t end until the third century when the dilation passed a lotof reforms that split Rome into an eastern part and a western part with four leaders with twosenior augusti and lower classed Caesars.The 6th and last war took place in 306 AD the dilation treachery was making rome moreeasily governable but because of the fact they had four different rulers it was VERY easy to startanother civil war. The first thing that could start another war was that a man named Maxentiuswho was the son of a ruler named maximian – schemed with a praetorian to make himself a rulerof Rome. Then Western Severus attacked Rome to kill him, but then Maxentius brought hisfather out of retirement and killed Severus. Then there leadership was a whole lot ofconspiracies. Then there was over 6 people that had the rank augustus. Then the schemes endedup turning into a civil war Constantine had formed an alliance when he invaded italy, but then heturned on him and started a civil war. When the war was over in 324, the Tetrarchy was dead andthat meant that Constantine was the ruler of the Western and Eastern empires. But this time itwas different because he was the first emperor to convert to christianity, but his actions wereonly temporary. It only took a few decades until he died, then Rome split into an Eastern andWestern empire again.As you can tell by the story Rome was very likely to fall after these wars, I thinkthat we should only have 1 ruler that everyone agrees on, or we can have 1 ruler for eachempire that everyone agrees on as well, and finally we should not claim what otherpeople do because as you can see in the first civil war it can cause a fight.