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As we have learned, Winter dreams and the Great Gatsby was written by the same author F. Scott Fitzgerald. Both of these two novels talks about the love story between a man who was born in a poor family but turned out to be rich through his own hardworking and a beautiful woman who loves money very much, which make the two stories have a lot of similarities and differences. In this essay, I will analyze two themes in these two novels, Love and American Dream.

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        Firstly, it is obvious that both of the novels express the theme of the love with a fair amount of ink. There are some features that both of them contain. The main structure of the relationship between the protagonists stays the same. In the Great Gatsby, Gatsby fell in love Daisy when he was young. At that time, Gatsby is poor, he has to uses his uniform to conceal his low social status so that he can love with Daisy.  Gatsby knows a lot of rich man love Daisy’s beauty and sexy and he also knows that Daisy loves money, if he does not have money, Daisy will not stay with him. So he works hard to increase his social status and become a rich to people so that he can get Daisy. At that time, Daisy is the only thing he wants. When he met Daisy again, he became richer than Tom, Daisy loves Gatsby again because of his money.  In Winter Dreams, Dexter met Judy when he was a poor caddie works in a golf club. At that time, Dexter already be attracted by Judy’s beauty, because of Judy, he quit his job, and study in a top school in order to become a rich man. When Dexter met Judy again, he knows Judy has a lot of lovers. At that night, Judy showed love to Dexter because of his money. Gatsby and Dexter both fell in love with a beautiful woman whose social status is much higher than them. In order to get their beloved girl, they worked hard. Besides, Daisy and Judy’s marriage is also similar. Both of the marriage fail, Tom is bad to Daisy, Judy’s husband is bad to Judy, their marriages do not have any love.

        However, things can also be different with the theme of Love. Daisy was a totally different person from Judy. Even though both of them had shown that they wanted comfort life and really loved money, Daisy was not as greedy as Judy was. When Daisy was young, she fell in love with Gatsby who was hiding in the uniform, in that situation, Daisy does not know anything about Gatsby’s family, she still loves him. Although Daisy stays with Tom is because of money, she never forgot Gatsby, her love to Gatsby is real. However, Judy gave her love to Dexter just because of money. She kissed Dexter after she knew that Dexter has money. She also told Dexter that she leaves another guy because he is poor. So, Daisy is more loyal towards her beloved than Judy was. Daisy only loved Tom for a very short period when she just got married, the rest of time, she only loved Gatsby. However, Judy was containing about  11 or 12 lovers. She just enjoys being surrounded by lots of men and money. The clearest difference between these Gatsby and Dexter is that Gatsby was still in love with Daisy and willing to go find her when he knew that Daisy was married, but Dexter was not.

            Another theme I want to compare with is American Dream. American Dream means work hard to have to go to a higher social status and become a rich people. Both Gatsby and Dexter reached their American Dream. Gatsby met an old gentleman when he left home, from that time, he changed his name, with the help of this man and his intelligence and hardworking, he becomes a rich man. Although he uses illegal ways to make money, at last, it’s his intelligent, but he used it in a wrong way. Dexter got the top education with the support of his father. Because of the education, he can deal with his business better and he also works hard, so his laundry shop become better and he becomes a rich people. In addition, the original aim for both of them to achieve the American Dream is for a woman they loved. The woman is the most important part of their dream.

            However, Gatsby and Dexter have a different attitude towards their dream. Gatsby never gives up his dream. He knows Daisy already got married, he still hopes Daisy can come into his life one day. He bought the villa towards Daisy’s house. He holds parties every weekend, hoping Daisy can come once. Nevertheless, when Dexter knew Judy got married, he gave up his dream and choose to never disturb Judy’s life and never love.

          The Great Gatsby and Winter Dreams both describe the theme love and American Dream. Both Gatsby and Dexter achieved their American Dream but did not get their loved woman at the end. The overall structure of the two novels are similar, but there are many details are different.