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Division 1: Biblical Thought
2)Judaism is monotheistic. God is worshiped for his goodness and dreaded for his anger; it is unique, transcendent, omnipotent and eternal: “I form the light and I create darkness, I make happiness and I create misfortune: it is I, the Lord, who does all this.Thus,the problem of evil refers to the question « Why a good and an omnipotent God permits the manifestation of evil ? » . Professor Knoll and Halbertal first present the answer that evil is a human choice, indeed humans have free choice and then are free of their actions. Also they present the assumption that god is good but has limited power. The negative elements as darkness for instance,evil  were already there with God when he started his creation as it is presented in the book of Genesis. The third assumption about the problem of evil given by the professors is that try to solve this problem is actual emphasizing this problem of evil,as you can’t think that if something bad happen to you it is because you did something wrong,because you have sinned. Thus,the third solution is stop trying to solve this problem

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Division 2: Medieval Jewish Thought
3) 1. Commentary on the Mishnah 
a)The manuscript presents manuscript corrections and exendations of Maimonides himself, as well as notes added at the margin by his son, Abraham he-Hasid, as well as David ha-Nagid II and others 
c)This manuscript contains commentaries on the Mishnah by Maimonides

2. Mishnah Torah 
a)The Mishnah Torah consists of 14 books, divided into sections, chapters and paragraphs. It is the only work to date dealing with all the details of Judaism observance, including laws that can only be applied in the Temple era.

c)Maimonide takes for each law the sum of the Talmudic teachings, trying to remove the halachic substance, that is to say the rule to draw

3.Guide of the Perplexed 

a)The goal of the work is to solve the difficulty that presents itself to the mind of a believing and learned Jew, between philosophical interpretation and theological interpretation of the Torah.
b)The literary genre is philosophic 

c)It tends to expose Judaism in terms of non-Jewish values, and to establish a correlation between Jewish values ??and general values.

Division 3: Modern Jewish Thought
6)The first claim of the Declaration is The Land of Israel is the historical homeland of all Jews, it implies that Israel is the homeland of all Jews, not just of the Israelis. Israel is the nation state of all jews in the world. It implies that the jews come back to their home where they belong,where they were created and where their bible was created
The second claim is Judaism is not a religion, but a nation. It implies that religion is in fact a product of the people who are related by this religion, how have an historical link to the land. 
The third claim is Complete equality to all citizens with no distinction between gender, race and religion. It has an implicit relation with the other inhabitants of the country, the Arabs obviously, it implies to live in peace. The declaration fulfills the liberal value of equality of  all citizens before the law.
Fourth claim of the declaration is The state is homeland to all jews in the world.  The declaration fulfills the value of freedom of religion. It implies that Israel is the homeland of all the Jews and thus they can participate and live in this new nation state as they belong here too not only the Israeli Jews