Athens, changed many people’s lives. This philosophy is about a school that mainly teaches about Greek philosophies. With these beliefs gained from Stoicism, people developed idealism that Impacted them greatly. Some learned how to believe In themselves and to be a great help to their surroundings. Stoics believed that virtue Is the mall key to Stoicism. This philosophy depends on one’s strength of will.

Most stoics believed that good things and bad things will occur in everyone’s life?lat Is all set upon their actions, after all. The belief of Stoicism was to practice how to self-control their doings and to learn how to control/change their emotions without affecting one another. As to their belief, Stoics agreed that clearing your own mind will bring back positive outcomes, and also a better understanding of life.

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Being angry, envying something, and having Jealousy should be avoided at all cost. This philosophy eventually lasted until three different periods past. It introduced a vast majority of the universe, physics, ethics, psychology, and political terms. Another popular philosophy during the BC era was Epicureans. As similar to Stoicism, it also originated from the third century. Epicureans, who believed in one god or more, were convinced that a god will not interfere in anyone’s life.

They believed that not having fear, or having a state of tranquility gained by vying a glorious life, will bring great outcomes. Epicures, the person who founded this philosophy, defined the meaning of Epicureans. It is meant to erase any trouble from your mind, release your pain from your body, and to have a goal of living a long, happy life. His teachings taught many people how to overcome their goals and desires to live life to its fullest. But to live well required wisdom, moderation, justice, and courage.