Part one The master plan of hamlet controls his whole life not only his interactions with the king but also with his love life with Ophelia. From writing love letters to her, writing “never doubt I love”(2.2.127). That is the only time hamlet tells Ophelia, but at the same time being not expressing his love for her out in public as the audience rarely, if not at all, sees Hamlet even kiss Ophelia in the beginning of the play. Throughout the play, as the death of Hamlet’s father and getting revenge weighs on hamlet this starts to change his approach to Ophelia and how he views her. From just gazing into her eyes and slowly convincing her that he truly loves her to acting like he never knew her at all.From the start of the relationship both Hamlet and Ophelia find each others looks attractive which is one thing that brings them together. Hamlet finds her attractive as he says “no discourse to your beauty”(3.1.118) which is one thing that he admires about her. Ophelia also is attracted to hamlet by his “noble mind” and being in the court and having the expertise of a “soldier’s, scholar’s, eye, tongue, sword”(3.1.163-165). From these things he has convinced her to love him.As they start talking in scene three their relationship goes downhill. He then instantly changes his tone with her to a defensive tone where he says “No, not I. I never gave you aught”(3.1.105). He becomes somewhat paranoid with this whole conversation as he knows they are being watched by Ophelia’s father and that pushes him to start asking questions “Are you honest?”(3.1.113) “Are you fair?”(3.1.115). He’s questioning her morals while insulting her at the same time. As tensions continue to rise Hamlet tells her “I did love you once,”(3.1.125) then goes on a rant saying how he loves her not and that “for wise men know well enough what monsters you make of them. To a nunnery, go, and quickly too.”(3.1.150-152). As hamlet feels like this relationship with Ophelia is being controlled by her father could be the reason of why he breaks her heart and insults her.