Patient cares issues in the healthcare field is very profound in United States issues surrounding the medical field can make are break an individual’s career. Patient care can be very intense in the medical field in most sittings it’s hard to separate and individual emotions especially in the field of pediatric health care however when loved ones get involved with the patient it’s a known fact that issues in patient dramatic And harder on one that providing care to patients.

The medical field is one profession where you never know what going to happen issues in patient care mostly occurs in healthcare facilities when you have under trained professional However a lot of times it not always the professionals errors that causes issues in patient care patient care centers in so many setting private, nursing facilities hospitals every setting has so many risk and chances for advances, nursing facilities are probably the most complicated setting to work in and it requires so much more patience to get through any one shifts.

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In a nursing home setting families tend to want to take up much of the professional’s time and tend to want more care with limited staff, in this kind of setting Professionals in the health care field strive to prevent patient issues in any setting however in some cases issues still does occur with patients no matter the length that have been taken to prevent and incident or accident in a medical setting.

In the medical field as professionals we all want to please our individual patient and go above and beyond to make sure they are comfortable a lot of the time the professional has no control of the way a person will react to change in this field however all a person really can do is do their job, evaluating individuals one-on-one is one of many ways that a person can know head on what is required of them before providing care.

In many instances individuals often times visit a hospital or clinic hoping for alterative care wishing care that’s coming from a professional will make them well again , however it’s a know fact that some patient end up worse then they were before seeking treatment.

As I have mentioned previous I have worked in the medical field a very long time and from personal and professional experience thing are not always as they seem to be when walking into a medical facility weather hospital, retirement center, nursing home or assistant living are even the privacy of a patients home, everyone has heard are witness a horrible ordeal when they go for medical treatment, as individuals you wonder is that so, is that true.

There are many error that contribute to issues in patient care for example like a nurse inserting and IV to the vane improperly that causes a patient to bleed uncontrollably due to damage to the vessel; and also issues in patient care is also contributed to human errors made by the professional, the health care setting is so risky to the point where in the united states there is a shortage of nursing staff every where you look.

There is more and more where you visit the hospital and you sit longer in the waiting room due to this trend where the facility has a shortage of staff members, at one time everyone wanted to get some type of training to work in the medical however now in the society we live in now and the different regulation apposed individual prefer not to work in a enclosed setting as individual we developed.

The to wont to help others any way that we can however a hospital can have the best skilled and train staff meanwhile at the end of day mistake do and will happen,, many risk that occur in a medical can be out of ones control and as an individual that passionate about there job it will make you feel a type of way like you were helpless to stop and ordeal from happening.

Many patients when they go into a medical facility they very high expectations they want a miracle to happen right away , life does not work that way as such although in the field of healthcare has all these risk as professionals we has to be more alert and corrective to our own errors before they happen having another person life in your hands is already scary enough.

This field and when a professional makes and error weather it a medication mistake are a patient developing a infection of some kind from a hospital the most common illness from being in a medical facility is mrsa getting sicker after leaving a medical facility is one of the scariest thing to go through as and individual, the variety of that associated with hospitals and nursing setting and also human error are the main causes of issues in patient care.

In conclusion patient care is the field where you never know what to expect in any given day, every day can and will be different and it takes a certain type of individual to be able to deal with constant change, however not many individuals can handle the many changes that happen in this field and the ones that can has to work under constant pressure ,and as professional in this field you have to have the tolerance to bare all the conflict and the pressure that come alone with the job if that is the profession for and ther individual is in it for the long hual many go the medical field for the wrong reason and most often that where mistake tend to happen.

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