Biogas and “Patrons or Clients? ” by Robert Stuntman. Both the readings discuss the patronage of architecture in earlier days and how in the recent years clientele and capitalism has taken over architecture. How today the architects are harassed by the demands of the narrow minded clients contrary to the earlier centuries where architects enjoyed the trust and respect of the patrons who granted them autonomy over the design. Clientele, as stated In Satsuma’s writing, Is a type of sponsorship In which the sponsor clearly specifies his requirements and expects an object or service that will lied him profit.

Biogas believes that architecture today comes from clients who convert it into a symbol of power or an instrument of status and propaganda, clients who Just want publicity and alluring Images. This is the consequence of the political and economic structure that has taken over the world. Sadly. The architects have given in to this idea of capitalism and work on all sorts of theories to Justify the immoralities of the big clients’. Thus, the production today is devoid of any kind of moral content or freshness and offers no prospect of research and progress. According to Stuntman, patronage is accompanied with autonomy and control over a project.

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Among the major professions, it is only in architecture that patronage still serves as an operating ideal. This is because the position of an architect in the building process Is not as strong as the position of a physician in health care or a lawyer in the justice system as there are many replacements like engineers and interior designers available. Thus the capacity of clients to exert their demands on the architects has been increasing substantially and architects tend to not worry bout Issues of form and Just address the requirements of the immediate sponsor.

Not only is patronage declining but also the characteristics of it have been changing. The incentive of patronage has moved from immortality to capitalistic and prestige. As stated in both the readings, there has been declining development of architectural art due to the substitution of patronage with clientele. There is no incentive for architects to innovate and explore new ideas. Thus patronage is essential to sustain this community AT architectural artists even tongs we cannot De sure IT tens community s prepared for the responsibilities patronage demands.

Even though the architects comment on the sad state of the building industry, they are the ones who do not refuse commissions and do not say no to Jobs which do not give them autonomy. Today, architects prefer a patron who is naive so that he does not understand the private agendas of the architect. Thus, we must support the architects and their works that introduce morality and innovation to save the community and gain the trust of patrons, prospective clients and architectural critics.