Weakly study how facial expressions gave away who was going to win the last Presidential election. The couple studies micro-facial expressions in different cultures. They explain that good leaders in business know how to use micro-facial expressions to their advantage. Some of the examples of facial expressions is with how different cultures display content and disgust. Depending on the culture they show disgust in different ways.

They use examples from Charles Darwin to back up their claims on body language. “Your own body language reveals our feelings and meanings to others” (Related materials 2014). They displayed In a graphic chart the different body postures that signify positive and negative emotions. They also discussed how different gazes are different in cultures and how to differentiate positive from negative. The way gazes are acceptable in different cultures as a way of being accepted into that culture. This study suggests that group membership is Important In the context of social attention within natural contexts” (Gallop 2014). The compare reading body language Like using a stethoscope here body language will measure what wrong in a situation. They help coach people that are in the public eye more presentable. Showing their clients how to display positive attributes helps them in their success. They teach them how to work on the tone of their voice to be more presentable.

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They also explain how to take questions and answers along with not being silent for too long. They also teach the Importance of hand gestures and how to properly use It for communications. “As with words. We tend to pick up our hand movements from the groups with whom we ammunition most frequently?especially our peers” (Doll, J. 2013). Presenters can use hand gestures to get there point across or to gain more attention. By using newer technologies the couple can show in slow motion the problems that their clients need to work on. The research on the production and perception of compound emotion categories opens a new area of research In face recognition that can take studies of human cognition, social communication, and the design of computer balloons and human-computer interfaces to a new level of implicitly” (Compound facial expressions of emotion, 2014). They use on cameras that they can slow down to show them the problem areas. This helps make the process easier for the client so they can compare the improvements.

They also explain how dressing in a particular way can make them look negative. Even though most men don’t wear makeup they recommend doing so on TV. Even the hair styles makes the difference In businesses negotiations. This husband and wife team did a good job in presenting their ideas. The only recommendation is to work on using ore hand gestures rather than just standing with the arms straight. Overall they presented a good case for using expressions to help people that want to be leaders in business.