Peltz, Richard J. “Censorship Tsunami Spares College Media: To Protect Free Expression on Public Campuses, Lessons from the College Hazelwood Case.” Tenn. L. Rev. 68 (2000): 481.Author Peltz,Richard J., it talks about how since the outcome of journalists,students in college that are becoming journalists are starting be the government watch dogs since they are unaware of what they publishing which could make it easier for the government to see what they are doing.But the students also are able to accessed official and secret information which makes the government their target.Rojas, Hernando, Dhavan V. Shah, and Ronald J. Faber. “For the good of others: Censorship and the third-person effect.” International Journal of Public Opinion Research 8.2 (1996): 163-186.Author and Journalist,Rojas,Hernando it talks about many individuals decides to share information in the media which makes the government be behind in the media censorship.Being unaware of sharing things that aren’t supposed to be share could lead to many site be restricted from them which could lead to many people not being able to reach that place.Many that are part of the media censorship are media in general,violence on t.v and pornography which most people use and if it’s taken away many will against those who takes them away.Romero, Victor C. “Restricting Hate Speech against Private Figures: Lessons in Power-Based Censorship from Defamation Law.” Browser Download This Paper (2001).Author and Researcher form Pennsylvania State University, Penn State Law,Romero,Victor C.,it says that people who do hate speeches should be hidden also it says white are enjoying the social roles different people and be able to have greater access to it than non whites.But it’s not good because many white supremacist should be censor than those who aren’t at all.  Shirky, Clay. “The political power of social media: Technology, the public sphere, and political change.” Foreign affairs (2011): 28-41.Author and Journalist,Shirky,Clay,it talks about the political impact that the social media making to protest about the government which in reality it’s about supporting the civil society and the public interest.Which also have goals like making the government have internet as something that people could freely about having the government come in between because they only use the media to aim certain countries.Stevenson, Christopher. “Breaching the great firewall: China’s internet censorship and the quest for freedom of expression in a connected world.” BC Int’l & Comp. L. Rev. 30 (2007): 531.Author Stevenson,Christopher,it talks about about certain companies like Microsoft remove sites lead the U.S and China to have a internet censorship.It shows how having censorship issues with other countries could lead into an bad outcome with the individuals.