People-watching For the people-watching activity, my group and I observed a group of sorority girls. And after reading chapter six, it made me think more about what I observed. For example, they were all Asian, which means it must have been an Asian sorority. They were also all wearing the same white crowned sweater with their sorority name on it to tell everyone non-verbally who they were and where they belonged to.

They were standing in the middle of one of the walkways in the grass area waiting to recruit other girls into their group. As they were waiting, they were taking a lot of pictures of themselves; therefore, they were standing very close to each other, which showed they were very comfortable with each other. They also all had smiles on their faces, and were also quite loud as they took pictures and interacted with other. After awhile, it looked as if they were getting order because no one was going up to them; so they formed a circle and started talking.

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At that point I thought that they were now more concerned with themselves than with what they were supposed to be doing in the first place. Anyway, I never noticed how important non-verbal communication and non-verbal behavior was. It really does tell you a lot about yourself or a person. I remember my friend told me that her mom told her that she looks or seems arrogant when she rests or hand on ere hip while she talks to a person.

Also, that same friend told me she could tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear which I thought was weird, yet interesting. Vive also experienced some of the examples of situations of the non-verbal behaviors. For example, when I met someone for the first time and I had to leave right after, the person gave me a hug, and I didn’t know what to do so I Just hugged back. It was weird. Vive also seen a lot of people here and there who use their non-verbal to interdict their verbal message.

Lastly, I discovered that I am a person who uses time philanthropically. I tend to multicast a lot. For example, I’ll be browsing the Internet while I’m on Instant messenger with a friend or on the phone with a friend OR I’ll be watching TV or listening to music and testing while I’m doing my homework. All In all, this activity was very Interesting, and reading chapter six taught me a lot of things that I’m going to use and notice the next time I people-watch.