This is the Intercalate performance evaluation in which not only management will measure the performance of the employee, but the employee will give their input on where they think they are in the areas of position responsibilities, job knowledge, overall strength of employees in current positions, initiative and innovation, quality and accuracy of work, dependability, productivity, etc. As for the employees that we acquire from Environ Tech for this department, we will evaluate their past reviews accordingly.

The employees and management will be given a one month deadline to have their portion of this evaluation completed. At that point a meeting should be set up with the manager and sales representative to evaluate the sales rep’s performance. During this process, each will discuss each area and bring their measurements to the table. After bringing this Information forward, the will come to an agreement for the final submission of the performance evaluation. Also attached is a goals and objectives form for the sales rep and sales manager to agree upon for he next year.

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The main reason for this portion of the process is so that the goals of the sales team can be discussed and everyone on the sales team can be on one accord. This is also for accountability, so that everyone cannot say that they were not aware of the departmental goals. Personal goals are also encouraged during this process. These personal goals can be anything to help the employee do a better Job, for example an employee may feel that he needs better organizational skills or better communication skills. They must provide a plan that will help them reach their goal successfully.