Do women want romance, commitment, and marriage? Remember when going out on a date with a man meant being courted? A man asked a woman out, knocked on her door, gave her flowers, opened the car door, and took her to dinner and a movie. The man was responsible for doing the asking, while the woman only needed to be ready and answer the front door. Both people are looking toward the future, hoping to be a well-suited couple that would eventually head to the altar. Today, society’s standards toward dating have changed drastically. Dating is less formal.

Most men do not go out of their way for women by purchasing flowers or opening doors. It is more common for a woman to ask a man out on a date. Courting Is dead and gone; the new standard for today’s generation Is “hooking up. ” According to dictionary. Com, the definition of hooking up is to have casual sex or a romantic date without a long term commitment. Nowadays, when a man does something for a woman, it comes at a price. These expectations are not voiced, however, they are implied. For today’s enervation dating Is no longer about finding a significant other, it Is about having fun. Bailey 23-26). When one mentions courting, it usually brings to mind a couple from the asses. Some think the term to be old-fashioned and outdated. According to Margaret Fries, a 96 year old great-grandmother, a girl would talk her parents Into Inviting a young man over for supper after church. After the meal, the young couple would sit on the front porch or talk in the parlor. There was to be no hand holding or kisses goodnight. For the relationship to progress, the young man would seek permission room the girl’s parents to court her.

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The whole purpose of courtship was for two people to get to know each other, with marriage being the ultimate goal. They intentionally spent time together. Courting is all about a man wooing a woman. According to Beth Bailey, a professor of history at Temple University, “By 1 924, ‘dating’ had almost completely replaced ‘calling in middle-class American culture. ” Dating appeared with the arrival of the automobile. According to Steven Melt, a history professor, “Dating, unlike calling, was not about finding a mate.

It was about having fun with a member of the opposite sex. ” It took formal courting to casual socializing. Before Its arrival, a young man would call on a girl at her home. She would entertain him while her parents chaperoned. Automobiles made It easier to go to Ice cream parlors, movie theatres, and amusement parks. Couples would go to school functions like dances or football games. At these events, couples were supervised by their peers. Dating took courting from private spaces to public places where things were less structured.

The rules and expectations for dating began to collapse In the asses and were exchanged for “hooking up” (Mint 1). According to author Beth Bailey: In dating, a man is responsible for all expenses. The woman contributes only her company. Of course, the man contributes his company also, but since he must ‘add money to the bargain,’ his company must be worth less than hers. Thus, according to this economic understanding, she Is selling her company to him. Some men declared, flat out, that the exchange was not equitable, that men were operating ATA loss. OFF toners, AT course, Imagined ways to Dalliance ten equator: Man’s company + Money = Woman’s Company + ? (CTD. In Bailey 23). Today’s dating scene has been radically changed since the arrival of The World Wide Web. The Internet has granted people access to numerous dating websites such as Match. Com or Raymond. Com. According to Melissa Stonecutter a single woman in her thirty an individual simply has to pay a fee to gain membership. On these sites a person needs to merely input some search criteria for a computer to comb through its database for compatible matches.

A single person can sit in the comfort of his or her own home while browsing through another person’s profile. They can carry on conversations by chatting or Miming (instant message) each other without ever stepping foot outside their front door. It also involves the woman more into the dating process. This is seen as a superior alternative to meeting people in bars. The dating system, however some may define it, is simply a way for people to meet new people. Some people may choose a more formal practice, while others simply want to have some fun.