Personal/Professional Goals

            My decision to pursue a graduate course in social work is
precipitated by my desire to elevate my social skills to another level.
Currently, I feel my skills are below average and that I need to improve them
by taking an advanced course. Other than elevating my social skills, I feel
that I need to prepare myself to handle my tasks in the changing social work
environment. The nature of the healthcare needs for families and individuals is
rapidly evolving which underscores the need remain updated to ensure that one
meets the speedily evolving patients’ needs (Polit & Beck, 2008). My short term goals after the
award of the degree is to find job in a communal hospital from which I will
offer professional help to the vulnerable populations, such as, the aged,
chronically ill, and the mentally challenged. In the long run, I plan to open
my own clinic and a rehab center to offer care for the mentally challenged and
the aged in the society. My decision to choose to do a masters degree in,
‘social work in healthcare’ is largely shaped by the gaps in healthcare for the
aged and the mentally challenged persons. In the recent past, the number of
seniors and the mentally challenged persons at large has grown tremendously (Polit & Beck, 2008). These populations
require specialized care which must be availed by professional healthcare
providers. That notwithstanding, the number of healthcare providers assigned to
take care of seniors and the mentally challenged is minimal which leads to poor
health outcomes for the mentioned groups. This motivates me to specialize in
social work in healthcare to partly seal the gap in healthcare provision for
these vulnerable populations.

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Academic Experience

            In my early life, I
aspired to venture into the business world, an aspiration which was largely driven
by my parents. My parents have been in the business for a long period and their
success is what had motivated me to go the business way. Consequently, I
acquired an A.A.S. Degree in Fashion Buying and
Merchandising from Nassau Community College, Garden City, and a B.B.A Degree in Marketing and Management from Berkeley College
of New York in 2008 and 2013 respectively. However, following recommendation
from a friend, I acquired First Aid, Child Abuse Identification, School
Violence Prevention, and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Certification which
landed me a job in the North Shore-Long Island Jewish hospital as a Patient Engagement Specialist. Although
I successfully graduated from my former colleges, I did not achieve my
anticipated GPAs. I largely attributed the failure to personal issues which
include poor time management and my then addiction to television. However,
these issues might not recur in the period of pursing the current program since
my working experience has greatly improved my time management skills and increased
my daily commitments which reduced my overall time used for watching TV.

Research Experience

During my tenure as a volunteer, I have
constantly been confronted by several challenges which revolve around patient
care. Such challenges often prompt me to conduct research to unravel the best
practices to deal with them. Consequently, I have constantly engaged in research
throughout my tenure as a social worker in a bid to discover better practices
to deal with the clients’ problems. A case in point is a research that I personally
conducted regarding the effectiveness of behavioral therapies in reducing
aggressiveness among the mentally challenged persons. For the said research, I
used a quantitative approach in which I observed the behaviors of two groups of
mentally challenged persons; one group received behavioral therapy while the
other did not. Other than the described study, one of my current employers, North
Shore-Long Island Jewish hospital, requires all its healthcare providers to
embrace evidence based practices when offering care for their patients.  To comply with this requirement, the entire
fraternity work in teams to research on major topics and use the results to
improve care for the patients. Being one of the healthcare providers in the
facility, I have been privileged to work with other staffs to conduct
qualitative and quantitative researches.

Work /Other Experience

            As stated
previously in this paper, I am currently working as a Patient
Engagement Specialist in the North
Shore-Long Island Jewish hospital in New York. My duties in the hospital
include promoting a safe environment for provision of intensive care to the
patients with such needs. Other roles include treating aggression, developing
Inpatient Individual Safety Plan, performing patient rounds, engaging patients’
families to promote health, and making constant reports regarding the patients’
health to the relevant authorities. In addition to working in the described
organization, I also work at St. John’s Residence for Boys as a Shift leader Youth Specialist on part time
basis. My duties in this organization include: assessing the achievement of the
organization’s goals, aligning the rehab program with the community’s needs,
providing first aid to patients, regularly assessing the community’s emerging
needs, providing professional counseling to the community in regard to familiar,
financial, and educational matters, providing medical care, and supervising the
community’s housekeeping activities and to recommend better housekeeping practices.
Lastly, I have been working in Family Type Home for Adults Services as a Substitute Adult care Provider since the
year 2010. My roles and responsibilities in the organization include: taking
care of the clients and providing a safe environment for their recuperation, planning
and implementing dietary programs, administering the relevant behavior change programs
on the patients, and making constant appraisals of the patients’ recovery
process. Before assuming my current duties in the three organizations, I worked
as a Youth Counselor in Mercy
First, Residential Treatment Center. There, my responsibilities included:
creating a secure and conducive environment for patient recovery, assessing the
recovery process of the patients, following up on the patients to ensure they take
their medications, facilitating behavioral learning, and constantly assessing
the program’s success.

Personal Qualities

            One of the personal qualities that I possess and which I
think will have a positive impact on my learning and future career as a social
worker is self discipline. Generally, self discipline refers to the ability to
control one’s desires in order to remain focused on accomplishing a certain
goal. My high level of self discipline will enable me to shun worldly desires
and instead focus on class work which will lead to success. Other than self
discipline, I do possess high levels of inspiration which I believe will help
me accomplish my academic and career goals. 
Inspiration, as a trait, adds fresh energy in a person especially when he or she is
undertaking a challenging task. My strong listening and communication skills will
also contribute to my academic and career success. Listening is a crucial
element in social work since a social worker needs to constantly listen to his
or her clients to gather adequate information about the clients’ problems. Lastly,
I have a strong affinity to team work and team learning which I plan to utilize
to build a strong team both at school and at work. Working in teams helps
individuals and organizations to achieve their short term and long term goals.

Why Walden?

My search for a suitable
university to pursue my advanced course in social work ended at Walden
University. The reason for choosing Walden is that the university does not
practice racial, gender, or religious discrimination during recruitment. This
gives me a chance to meet and interact with people from diverse backgrounds
which will add to my interpersonal and social skills. Additionally, according
to the university’s website, the university has some of the most qualified and
experienced staffs which makes it a suitable choice for students intending to
purse advanced degree programs (Walden University, 2018).  My decision to pursue the course online is
motivated by the fact that I have several other commitments that limit my
overall time available to enroll to full time programs. The major commitments
include job and familiar responsibilities meaning that I have to multitask to
ensure that I pursue the course and at the same time work and take care of my

Reasons for Admissions Committee Review

As stated in the
previous sections, I did not achieve my target GPA which precipitates review of
my application by the admissions committee. As a requirement, an applicant of a
Masters degree in social work in healthcare must have achieved a GPA of 3.0
else their application must be reviewed by the admissions committee
(Walden University, 2018). Overall, my GPA was 2.45 which is a bit lower that the required 3.0. Poor
time management coupled with addiction to TV contributed largely to the failure
to achieve the target GPA.

How I will be Successful

            One of the strategies that I plan to utilize to achieve
better my short term and long term goals in Walden University is proper time
management. Proper time management in this context will involve assigning
enough time for studies and to complete my assignments in time. This strategy
is largely informed by the fact that my failures in my previous academic
endeavors were largely affected by improper time management. During my previous
classes, I was too inclined to extracurricular activities and I would spend
much of my time watching my favorite TV programs. This limited my time for
completing my assignments which led to poor quality work and test anxieties. Other
than proper time management, I plan to utilize the resources available for
students in the university to better my grades. I will specifically consult my
assigned academic advisor on a regular basis to gain insight of the available
resources and how to use them to better my grades.