Learning Personal Responsibility GEN/200 October 20, 2011 Learning Personal Responsibility Although not always easy to accept, learning to accept personal responsibility is one’s choice. Becoming aware of feelings and accepting change will result in better decision-making as well as positive success in one’s life. Responsibility continues throughout one’s own actions therefore making the right choices will build character and not result in negative consequences. Going to school or work each day is a personal responsibility that we adapt to or can either feel forced to do.

Whichever the choice may be, the results are simple, choosing success or blaming others for dropping out or quitting. To get ahead in life, learning to be responsible for one’s own actions is a priority. Only you can choose how your life will go, and taking the time and effort will make a difference in a person’s attitude and behavior. Taking responsibility towards your education refers to time management, study skills and learning. As students we are responsible for excelling, therefore if we fail to meet those standards it is our own responsibility and not that of others. Research has demonstrated that college outcomes are tied to the efforts that students put into their work and the degree to which they are involved with their studies” (Davis & HillmanMurrell, n. d. ). As a student I am responsible for my own efforts that I put into my study time, assignments and learning. Prioritizing what your choices are is one way of learning personal responsibility and achieving positive outcomes. Acknowledging what choices are priority and making sacrifices is also part of learning responsibility.

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Personal responsibility means taking care of what matters in your life. We are given choices, whether some result in positive or negative consequences, we should be responsible for our own actions. In the business world, responsibility is the key role in working towards being successful and presenting yourself as a leader to others. As students, we are responsible for studying hard and learning. Our grades reflect the hard work, time and personal effort throughout our courses. Although it may difficult for some students to achieve all such things because of work or family, students may be hallenged to sacrifice certain choices for future success. Taking responsibility for oneself is important in the learning and working environment, learn not to make excuses for not achieving to the best of your ability. Learning to accept change in your life can be difficult because it is easier to point the finger at everyone else. Stress is another factor that comes from facing responsibility but, if life was that simple, change would not be necessary. “We now live in a society where personal responsibility is not high on the priority list” (Alyn, 2010).

Although society has its standards, individuals should be responsible for their own choices and the outcome of those choices. Prioritizing your responsibilities is one way in learning how to be responsible for yourself and others. At some point in our lives, we know what needs to be done to survive yet personal responsibility means more than just survival. Reinforcing positive choices in your life will result in good behavior traits. Learning to stay focused, setting goals and managing your emotions are the results of personal responsibility.

From childhood we were in charge of doing something, whether it was brushing our teeth, making sure we ate, or throwing the garbage. Responsibility has been established at some point in our lives to recognize our own feelings and understand what it means. Setting the role-model example of stepping up and taking responsibility is the key to learning responsibility (Alyn, 2010). Responsibility determines what is important in life. The choices we make will not always be easy but taking the initiative is a big step in the right path.

For example, the college lifestyle can have many distractions therefore commitment is necessary to becoming a successful student. College is a learning community and as students we have the privilege and responsibility of membership (Davis & Hillman Murrel,). For example, taking time away from friends to study for a final should be first priority. As mentioned earlier, blaming others for not facing responsibilities can be one of many excuses of why students drop out of college. In college, students face many responsibilities that will require time management, effort, and involvement.

Something else to consider is that college is expensive therefore as a student you should take all necessary actions to gain the knowledge that will qualify you for a rewarding career. Responsibility as a college student is the key to learning your role as successful leaders. Learned behavior contributes to a person’s motivation and habits which help in learning responsibility. As parents, we want to teach our children to be responsible adults, therefore proper attitude and behavior must be established in early childhood. Personal responsibility teaches what matters in life as well as learning to feel, think, and respect yourself and others.

For every action, there is a consequence whether good bad, it affects you and those around you. For example, an employee who is always late to work not only affects his or her job, but also other employees as well. Learned behavior is a beneficial factor because it encourages those to learn what matters and the important lessons we learn throughout life. As responsible individuals it is essential to accept the choices you make and not blame others as a result of negative consequences. Keep in mind what your expectations are and encourage yourself to better behavior and habits that will motivate your choices.

While responsibility can be overwhelming at times, setting goals and including a plan to focus on personal responsibility can result in positive character traits. Making responsible choices and sticking to them can be rewarding to one self and others. Determining what choices matter can be a starting point to pursuing future goals. Time management is also important because not everything can be done at one time. Many of us have strengths and weaknesses and when learning responsibility we must consider what matters. Whether it is making a list of your priorities or keeping an agenda to keep you on track is one suggestion.

Also, recognizing the importance of education and work ethics will lead to success and positive role modeling. In conclusion, accepting personal responsibility can have life changing affects, therefore learning to accept responsibility will ensure positive outcomes. Learned behaviors play a key factor in our attitude and motivation when we are required to learn. Although responsibilities do not always come easy, learning to accept yourself and what others will benefit from will make up for the effort you have made to becoming more responsible.

Managing stress will make responsibility more manageable and your expectations will not be limited. You have to make choices based on your feelings and what is beneficial for you and others. Making responsibility a priority in your life will assure positive outcomes and future success. References K, Alyn. Firehouse (FIREHOUSE), 2010 Jun; 35 (6): 76-8 Davis T. M, & Hillman Murrell, P. (n. d. ). Turning Teaching into Learning: The Role of Student responsibility in the collegiate experience. Higher Education Report, 22-8(93-8).