Personal Statement – Mohamed ChentoufHistorians in the West generally skip the period from the fall of the Roman Empire to the start of the European Renaissance, but having researched this missing chunk of history I became captivated by engineering when I discovered Arab mechanics was in its zenith during the Islamic Golden Age. From the Barjeel (Wind Tower), a simple temperature regulation system, to arguably the first flying machine by Abbas ibn firnas in 9th century Islamic Spain, which undoubtedly influenced the great Da Vinci, as a Moroccan, I have always been intrigued and extremely proud in the feats of engineering and science in the Arab or Islamic world. I soon came to realise that engineering was in my blood; an inescapable part of my life.Whilst in Morocco where building work on my family home was taking place, I had the incredible opportunity of visualising our home going from blueprints to a beautiful building. I found this extremely beneficial as I could appreciate the important role engineers have in every field of industry. It also gave me a feel for the world of architecture and engineering as I was able tospend a lot of time on-sight with the engineers. To deepen this insight, I attended On a school trip this yearI attended an engineering industry event at the Institute of Civil Engineers, companies such as FirstCo gave workshops on how the industry of engineering works, the different roles and exactly what engineers do. Both experiences concreted my passion in engineering as a degree and career path.My enthusiasm and fascination in engineering has grown greatly along with my understanding of it in the real world. Applying what I have learnt about materials and their behaviour in different situations in Physics ALevel, and a strong foundation of how forces cause objects to behave under different circumstances in the mechanics modules I studied in Mathematics A Level. I believe I would enjoy, excel greatly, and further expand my knowledge in engineering by taking it as a degree in university. Studying Maths has made me adept to working with numbers and physics has given the skill of researching and analysing data. Studying engineering at GCSE level has sharpened my skill in drawing boards and CAD, both technical and tedious but very enthralling.Through my participation in scouting I have developed several skills and personal qualities, that I believe are transferable to the world of engineering. Following a set of values (the Promise and the Law) shows I have integrity, a fundamental value in engineering design when meeting requirements under stated operating conditions. During hikes and expeditions, I have worked as a team, making collective decisions and tackling problems logically. My completion of the Chief Scout Platinum Award has aided my personal development, illustrates my commitment and dedication which I would need to the lengthy and arduous career. It involved me completing hikes to Snowden and Ben Nevis, also completing community service at a homeless shelter. Being part of an international jamboree has allowed me to be increasingly aware of other cultures and some of the issues communities face in other countries, I believe cultural awareness is the foundation of communication and vital in the engineering industry.In my spare time I thoroughly enjoy long hikes, the views that come towards the end of a hike motivate me to go on. I also enjoy swimming and diving, especially diving of cliffs and swimming deep in the sea; which I find relaxing.I firmly believe I have the skills and determination to succeed in an engineering career. I look forward to the hard work involved and years of study ahead of me. However, I look forward to the challenge that studying engineering will present and welcome the chance to be part of an exciting and ever-changing career.