Turner adopts each of these beliefs and lowly Incorporates them within his own and provides a new set of theories. On the other hand, new western historians, a small group of historians In the second half of the 20th century who wrote about the frontier and the American identity between the asses and late asses, were influenced by social uprisings of ethnic groups and the demand for the truth. The earlier of the two historical western theories was developed by Frederick Jackson Turner who grew up in a rural town of Portage, Wisconsin.

His experiences in the small town of Portage played a huge role in the placement of Turners opinions in his youth because his outlook upon issues was not influenced by popular beliefs at the time. In his youth he believed “Historians who took the trouble to examine those areas, he felt, would discover that the unique physical and cultural conditions of the frontier, and not the eastern cities had shaped the American character. “(AFT, p. 127). Turner went against popular belief which was the “Atlantic Coast bias” (AFT, p. 127).

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This was referenced as the true American culture at the time, Turner despised that view and believed that the frontier Is what dad the American Identity not the east coast. Turners view that reflected his rural upbringing and rebellious view towards the east coast had changed once he attended John Hopkins university and obtained his PhD. Turners perspective towards the American identity had changed and had become more Intellectual as he moved to Baltimore, a city closer to the heart of the American culture. Turner Integrated Charles Darning’s theory of evolution into his own theory.

This was a crucial moment because this was when Turner started to integrate popular opinions and outside views into his own. He used the theory of evolution to help better describe his views to the public by using a credible and reliable source. This helped shape Turners theory by giving a specific comparison of the evolution of the western frontier. Turner states “Little by little he transforms the wilderness, but the outcome is not the old Europe…. The fact is that here is a new product that is America. “(AFT, p. 27) he compared the basic concept of evolution and evolving to the expansion of united States westward to how Europe expanded. The theory of evolution was a significant coverer of Turners era and he used something as compelling as it to mold his audiences view about what he thought the American culture was. Unlike Turner who primarily focused on the western expansion and American Identity, new western historians focused In on a different groups of minorities and wrote historical 1 OFF accounts Dates on tenet experiences.

I nose new western annihilators were Innocence by Mexicans laborers, African Americans, Native Americans, women, labor forces, and any other social group who demanded change. The time period that new western strains became established was the asses to asses, within this period there was numerous amounts of social reform wanted and there was a necessity for change. New western historians shed light on the untold story through the accounts of minorities and people who were treated unjustly by either whites, higher authority, men, companies.

Etc. Donald Worsted states “the younger generation appearing in the asses and ass made the new multicultural perspective their own” (AFT, p. 142), this reveals that the generations in that time frame where more worried about equality for all people. This motivated the western historians to write historical accounts through the lens of a minority. Historians of the new western era were worried that the injustice given to the minorities such as the Native Americans and slaves would go unseen, they wanted the truth be told by both sides.

Donald Worsted argued that “the invaded and subject peoples of the west must be given a voice in the region’s history’ (AFT, p. 141) this quote is significant because Worsted preaches the importance of the views of both sides, one cannot fully understand history without both perspectives. Society demanded the truth in the ass and ass because hey were scandals and equal rights movements, this caused the revelation of the truth to the public.

The revealing of truth helped shape the true identity of the western frontier that Turner failed to depict with his frontier theories. Regardless of the time period historians are influenced by a multiple factors that can alter their historical accounts. Turner was the basis of the new western historian thought, his beliefs and social views were made possible by his rejection of the popular beliefs in the rural town of Portage, his acceptance of the American identity that existed in the itty of Baltimore, and the use of Charles Darning’s theory of evolution.

The new western historians were motivated to reveal the true identity because of the social reforms and minorities fighting for rights in the asses through the ass. They accomplished the goal Frederick Turner had of encoding the true American Identity. Both Turner and the new western historians were influenced by a specific factor which elevated their historical accounts in their respective time periods and it helped provide an insight to the audience for the true identity of the American and the western frontier.